15 Best Places to Spend Christmas for Families
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15 Best Places to Spend Christmas for Families – Affordable Vacation Spots

Christmas is the best time of the year. It comes with the excitement and happiness of the Christmas holidays. And many people wait for this season for a whole year and make plans about spending the Christmas holidays at an exciting place. When it comes to spending Christmas at some exciting home, what are the best places to spend Christmas with families?

When you select the area to spend Christmas there, you have to choose the location wisely, because the Christmas holidays will become more memorable if you choose an excellent place to spend Christmas. This article will mention some best places to spend Christmas with your family.

15 Best Places to Spend Christmas for Families

Some best places to spend Christmas with family are as follows:

1) Vermont, USA

Vermont is the best place to spend Christmas with family. This place gives a view of a decorated village during the Christmas season. And the decoration of this place provides Christmas vibes every second. Not only in the case of looks and decorations, but Vermont also has too many things to do here. As you can enjoy sledding, snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing here.

After the beauty and activities in Vermont, you cannot forget the importance of food, and Vermont provides the best local food here. The local food of Vermont is as delicious as you cannot ignore the taste of its food. 

All the activities, food, and decorations of Vermont during the Christmas season make it one of the best places to spend Christmas here. Don’t forget to visit Disney World Parks.

2): Rovaniemi, Finland

The Rovaniemi is a magical place to spend Christmas there with family. You can visit this place and offer many Christmas attractions such as Santa’s holiday village or Santa’s park. The decorated tree in the woods gives a stunning look. The activities provided in the Rovaniemi are also fascinating. So visiting the Rovaniemi to spend Christmas there will be the best option.

3): Paris, France

The image of Paris is as a romantic city. And during the Christmas season, this city gives a more magical look. The streets and shops are decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments. The twinkling light gives a beautiful look and continuously provides a Christmas vibe.

During the Christmas season, Paris can be one of the best places to visit in Europe. As there are not only the light and decorations in Paris, you can also see the stalls of gifts and yummy and delicious food to get energized during your visit to the city.

Visiting Paris to spend Christmas can be the most memorable tour with your family. You can have amazing views, activities, and foods to enjoy in Paris.

4):  Brisbane, Australia 

If you want to spend Christmas in sunny weather, you can quickly go to Brisbane. Brisbane may not come first in your mind, but it can give you different types of memories of Christmas. During December, the weather in Brisbane is ideal to go outside and visit the place, as the temperature is in the range of the 20s. If you see Brisbane on Christmas, you can spend Christmas on the beach. Brisbane does not have a natural beach but a man-made beach on the Southbank. 

So, spending Christmas on the beach on a sunny day is entirely a different feeling which gives you a unique memory of Christmas. 

5): Tallinn, Estonia   

Tallinn can be the best place to spend Christmas. This place has preserved its culture very well. There are cute houses and worth seeing places, like the gothic town hall, kiek in de Kok, and 64 m high tower. This place is the best place to visit with the family on Christmas. 

6): Coron, Philippines 

The Coron can be another destination to spend Christmas here with family. And if you want to spend Christmas in cold weather, you should look at the Philippines. There is mostly the rainy season all over the philippine during the Christmas season, but the Coron can be the best place to explore. And if you are a scuba diver, you can explore the sunken warships in the nearby islands.  This place is not only worth seeing during the Christmas season but also very affordable; you can easily spend your Christmas vacation here with less expenditure of money. 

7): Jasper, Canada 

When it comes to spending Christmas somewhere, you can find it better than Jasper in Canada. During Christmas, the Canadian Rockies are completely covered with white snow, giving this place a beautiful look. The place jasper is present at the heart of the Rockies, and it is the best and perfect place to spend Christmas here. There is a lot to do, like ice skating and skiing, and too many things to see. So, if you go to jasper to spend Christmas, it will be your most memorable Christmas with your family.

8): New York, USA                                                       

Spending Christmas in New York is an entirely different feeling. You cannot find a city more attractive and magical than New York City during the Christmas season. In the Christmas season, many people worldwide come to New York to experience its magical views and activities in Christmas, so New York is an insanely crowded place during the Christmas season. This city offers too many to perform with your family. You will surely enjoy the cool, windy weather of new York in December. The vast Christmas tree is decorated in the city, attracting people’s attention. So, all these things make new York one of the best places to spend Christmas there.  

9): Vancouver, Canada

If you want to visit an exciting place this Christmas, Vancouver is the best place to stay. The people who live in the western United States or Canada don’t have to travel too far if they plan to spend Christmas in Vancouver. There is a famous market during Christmas, known as the Christmas market. The Vancouver is beautifully decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments. 

The cold weather and snow falling during the Christmas season double the city’s beauty in December. You can also enjoy skating or skiing here. 

10): Japan

Japan is another beautiful destination to spend Christmas here. Japan gives positivity and happiness through the decoration and lighting during this particular season. During the Christmas season, the most beautiful thing in japan is that country is decorated according to Japanese culture. The people are wearing anime cosplays, costumes, and more cultural stuff. So, in Japan, celebrating Christmas is a little bit different. So, if you spend your Christmas in Japan, you will experience different vibes of Christmas here.

11): Strasbourg, France  

France is the best place to visit during the Christmas season. France is also known as the capital of Christmas, and it also has the oldest Christmas market tradition here. The Strasbourg is at Alsace region. When you visit Strasbourg, you will experience more traditional decorations here, and it also offers so many activities to do, which makes it the best destination for Christmas. 

12): London, UK

London is also one of the best places to spend Christmas there. The weather in London during the Christmas season makes Christmas more exciting. And it also offers many activities to do with your family, it has many places to explore with the family. So if you plan to visit London this Christmas, then your Christmas is going to be very exciting. 

13): Dresden, Germany

Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. And in Dresden, you can find the oldest markets. There is also a popular drink, Gluhwein, which is warm red or white wine, fragrant with Christmas spice.  Christmas in Germany can also be fascinating due to its attractive decorations during the Christmas season and tasty food here.

14): New Orleans, USA 

It is difficult to find a place better than new Orleans for Christmas in the United States. This city spreads happiness all year, but during Christmas, the environment of this city gives a more magical vibe. You can have a fascinating and memorable Christmas in New Orleans. There are the best restaurants that provide delicious food, there are also so many activities to do here and so many things to see. 

15): Soll, Austria

Austria is the best place to spend Christmas here. And when it comes to Austria, the Soll comes first as one of the best places to spend Christmas here. Soll is a fantasy world as it has snowcapped mountains that give a scenic view of the Soll. So if you want to visit a mountain area, the Soll is the best place you can see this Christmas. 


Christmas is the season we wait for the whole year as it is the most exciting time. And when it comes to Christmas vacation, there is a question that arises: What are the best places to spend Christmas with family. Above this article, I’ve mentioned someplace you can visit with your family this year. Hopefully, this will help you select the place to stay with your family this Christmas.

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