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6 Best Island To Visit In Hawaii With Family-Budget Friendly

Travel lovers always look for the best island to visit in Hawaii with family to spend their vacation. When it comes to finding the best place for a vacation, Hawaii is one of the best places you can visit. Because Hawaii gives you many options of water activities to enjoy with your family. But people get confused when it comes to visiting the island in Hawaii with family because Hawaii is a collection of 137 islands. So, in this article, you will find some best islands to visit in Hawaii with the family that are family-friendly and can provide numerous fun activities to enjoy. 

6 Best Island To Visit In Hawaii With Family 

There are some best options of islands that you can visit to spend your vacation with your family. 


Kauai is a peaceful and beautiful island that is best for families. It is known for its never-ending tree lines and Napali coast. Kauai offers many water activities for families like beach paddle boarding, kayaking and the kids can also enjoy watching the surfers. The sunset view at Kauai is also excellent; it gives you a memorable moment that makes your eye enjoy the golden beauty of a sunset. 

Napali coast is also a fantastic point that you can visit and enjoy your time there. This Napali coast is also known as the cliffs coast. You can reach the Napali coast only by boat, hiking or helicopter. If you visit Kauai, you should see the Napali coast because it is the world’s most beautiful landscape. 

There is a unique kind of pool in Kauai known as Queen’s bath. This pool is uniquely designed as it has a sinkhole that is surrounded by large rocks. 


Maui is the attractive, most beautiful island in Hawaii. Maui has more than 80 beautiful beaches that provide many water sports options and numerous visiting places for families. Maui is also known for its snorkeling, so if you visit Maui, then you must try snorkeling.

If you want to enjoy the green beauty of Maui, then you should visit the IAO valley. This valley spreads green beauty and gives you a refreshing feel. This valley is also best for hiking.

You can also visit Hana, and if you want to enjoy a road trip to Hana, you can rent a car to enjoy your journey. During this road trip, you will feel fresh as you take a breath in this nature valley’s fresh air. The waterfalls, beaches, and many other attractive visiting points get tourists’ attention to visit Maui with family. 


Oahu is another eye-catching island in Hawaii. But it is the most populated island. There is a famous beach known as Waikiki Beach, and your trip will be incomplete if you don’t visit Waikiki beach after reaching Oahu. The Waikiki beach gives a fantastic view due to its long stretches of white sand, pure and clear water and beautiful scenic view.

The exciting thing that kids will surely love about Waikiki beach is that everybody can enjoy fireworks every Friday. And due to the presence of white sand on this beach, the kids can enjoy doing some exciting activities with sand, and this beach also offers some fun activities for the family. 

A free beach park known as the Ala Moana Beach Park is best for your family to enjoy because this park is not as crowded and gives 

Another benefit that makes Oahu best for a family vacation is the resorts present around it, and these resorts are family-friendly resorts. So, all these factors collectively make Oahu best to visit with family. 


This island attracts nature lovers most. Molokai is the fifth most significant island in Hawaii; this Molokai island is also known as a friendly island. It is not crowded with many people so it will be the best option for those visitors who don’t like crowded places.  This island has still preserved the beauty of authentic Hawaiian culture.

The point of attraction of this Molokai island is the Kalaupapa National History Park and the isolated former leper colony below the towering cliffs. The white sand on the beach attracts the eyes and hiking points, and natural beauty attracts visitors. Mostly the visitors stay in the Hotel Molokai, which is known as the Heart of Molokai. This Hotel Molokai provides you with the comfort and the facilities you need to enjoy the vacations with your family. 

The Big Island

The Big Island is also a fantastic option for your visit to Hawaii, specifically, if your kids don’t like crowded places, you can select the Big Island to spend your vacations there. The name of the island shows that it is the most oversized island in Hawaii. 

This island is formed by undersea volcanoes like the rest of the state. And now it makes the tallest mountain Mauna Kea when it is measured from the seafloor.  There is also one active volcano present as Kilauea. If you visit Big Island, you must go to the Hamakua Coast because the waterfalls give a beautiful scenic view that can refresh your eye. 

The big island also offers visitors many activities, such as playing on sand beaches, hiking on mountains and zipline tours, and enjoying the green beauty of the island. 


The Lanai is another beautiful piece of Hawaii; this island is best for those who love exploring nature. You can go to Lanai by flight from other islands, but if you want to go to Lanai from Maui, you have to take a fairy and take a day trip to Lanai. 

Lanai is best for families to spend their vacations there because it offers many activities that you can enjoy with your family. 


Finding the best place to spend the vacation with the family is always a big task because you don’t want your family to visit a boring site and make your holiday memorable. When it comes to the best places to spend a vacation, Hawaii is always on the top. My advice is to check weather conditions before going.

 So, in this article, I’ve mentioned some best islands to visit in Hawaii with my family. These islands give numerous activities to enjoy with your family, and along with these fun activities, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of these islands. Along with this entertainment option, these islands are also family-friendly. So, you can select any one of these islands to spend quality time with your family. 

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