best places to go on new year's eve for families

7 Best Places To Go On New Year’s Eve For Families

Are you looking for ideas about the best places to go on New Year’s Eve for families? The new year is when we all enter into a new year and start this year with hope, positivity, and excitement. This is a very time, and everyone wants to spend it with family. Many people move to visit beautiful places and explore new things with family.

If you are also planning to visit a beautiful site with your family and are confused about selecting where you should stay on New Year’s Eve to make your New Year’s Eve memorable, you are on the right page. This article will find some best places to go on new year’s eve for families.

Best places to go on new year’s eve for families to make it memorable

 People usually visit different sites on new year’s eve to enjoy new year’s eve with family. some best places to go on new year’s eve for the family are: 

New York City

New York City is the best place to go on new year’s eve. Many people from all around the world come here to visit new York every year. The decoration and weather both give a magical vibe on new year’s eve. Most people decide to go to New York on new year’s eve to see the time square ball drop. Million people visit it every year. And if you also want to see it, you have to reach the time square earlier.

Because there are too many people in the time square to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, and if you reach late, you won’t get an excellent spot to see it clearly. The weather is also cold in December in New York, so make sure you dress in warm clothes. Besides this time square, you can also go to clubs where the new year parties are arranged. 


Traveling with family to London also gives a fantastic view in December. There are lights everywhere, and the shops are also decorated beautifully. But the question is what makes it exciting to visit London on new year’s eve? London is known for the fireworks on new year’s eve.

The fantastic fireworks can be seen from balconies and rooftops. So, can easily see it by staying in your hotel. But if you want to go out to see the fireworks, you can get the best view from Westminster Bridge and the north embankment of the River Thames. 


You can’t compare the new year celebrations in Australia with any other country. The big city of Australia, Sydney, hosts the world’s best and largest firework display. Your eye will remain astonished after seeing this firework. This firework lasts for about fifteen minutes, and if you want to have the best view of this firework display, you can have the boat in the harbor.

After these firework displays, the new year’s celebration last until down in the city. Not only do local people enjoy this beautiful view, but people from all around the world also come here to enjoy this fantastic view with family. So all these things make the Sydney best place to go on new year’s eve with family. 


We cannot leave Paris behind when it comes to new year celebrations. Paris is the destination of a romantic new year’s eve celebration. The view of Paris on new year’s eve is always fantastic, and you will get the exciting new year vibes in Paris. There are high-class dining, fireworks, and new year parties in Paris that you can enjoy with your family.

The best thing you can see in Paris is the light show on the Eiffel tower around midnight. The Montmartre is another best place to visit on new year’s eve. The firework in Paris is not as impressive as in Sydney, but still, the fireworks are beautiful enough to make your new year’s eve memorable, 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is always known for the parties and clubs, but it gives a different vibe in the new year as you can enjoy new year’s eve here. The firework display is also notable here. The neon lights give you a sparkling view of the city. Las Vegas is rushed with so many people in December as tourists worldwide celebrate Christmas and new year here. So, if you don’t like crowded places, Las Vegas is not a good option for you to go on New Year’s Eve. By following the cheapest ways you can travel easily across the country.


Japan is known for its different culture, so celebrating the new in Japan differs from other countries. In Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, the new year’s celebrations start on 29th December, and not only do the festivities begin early, but it continues until the 4th of January. So tourists worldwide move to Tokyo to celebrate the long period of the new year. In the city, you can enjoy the fireworks and parties. 


The celebrations of the new year in Edinburgh are also fantastic. There is two days celebration of the new year in Edinburgh, so many people from all around the world come here to enjoy their new year here. You will get a chance to see impressive fireworks, and you can join the bonfire, concerts, and carnival. So visiting Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve can also be the best option for you. 


The new year is an extraordinary time as we all enter the year having new hopes, happiness, and positivity for the future. Many people like to spend new year’s eve by visiting new places with their families. But it is a little bit difficult to select the place to go on New Year’s Eve with family as you have to make your new year exciting and memorable.

I’ve mentioned some best places to go on new year’s eve with family in this article above. Hopefully, this will help you select the place to visit in the new year and celebrate an exciting and joyful new year. 

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