7 Best Places to Travel With Family

7 Best Places to Travel With Family (On a Budget and Kid-Friendly)

Traveling with family is always invigorating. Especially because as parents, we are always super stimulated to show the world to our little bundle of joys and find our happiness in theirs. That is always the vibe with which my plans begin to visit the best places to travel with family.

However, with the passage of time, the mood keeps lightening and then tightening up a bit, finding the places to travel with family, considering the number of bags you have to keep up your sleeve and attend to their restroom, food, and irritable needs after every five minutes. Yes, this can be exhausting and draining, but, trust me, it’s equally rewarding.

 I still sit down with my kids, going down memory lane and rejoicing in every picture we took in some spectacular places. And every year, I am always as revived to do that as the previous year, so I wouldn’t want any of the moms out there to miss the ordeal because it is worth it. Let me list down a handful of the best places to travel with family, so you can relish it as much as I did. 

7 Best Places to Travel With Family

A Checklist of 7 Best Places to Travel With Family

The best family vacation ideas for summer, winter, and spring starts here!

1. Disney world

When you’re visiting family-oriented places in the world, you just can’t miss Disney World. When I asked my children when they wanted to go, they immediately blurted out Disney World, and I am sure that would exactly be the case with your children as well. This also is a rightful choice as it holds a timeless appeal with thrilling rides and exciting performances. 

Riding the rollercoaster is an experience of its own and being able to laugh at the shrieks are cartoon-like expressions of your kids will make up for all the time they made you cry with their wails. The place is way too attractive not to be explored, so don’t miss out on this one. 

Tip to remember: Don’t forget to try Butterbeer in Hogsmeade or witness the Shamus aerobics. The common notion that the place is all about kids will immediately be waved off once right after you take your first sip

2. Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Port Douglas is one of our favorite places to travel with family on a plan. It is home to the oldest rainforest and largest reef system and is worth exploring. My boys loved to snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef and couldn’t stop talking about the awe-inspiring beauty that took them over underwater; in fact, they still talk about it. 

Zip-lining is another venture that would remain memorable even after years. The stunning beaches and riverboat cruises will let you flaunt your beach body and enjoy some time in peace while the kids are engaged with sandcastles. And you definitely cannot forget the exotic ice creams made from rainforest fruits; they are absolutely delicious. 

Tip to remember: If you want to experience 90 minutes of pure bliss, don’t forget sunset sailing. Kick back in your seat with a chilled drink and absorb the coastline views. You can thank me later. 

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a classic family travel playground, and there’s not a thing that you wouldn’t fall in love with. The gorgeous beaches, exotic wildlife, and lush jungle refresh your eyes and soul. The fun part is if you’d even see your kids’ jaws dropping for a split second, and that is fun. Zip-lining, hiking, and swimming under waterfalls are all the opportunities that we rejoiced thoroughly, especially because these kept our kids engaged all the time, and I hardly had to deal with the clinginess and crying. 

My son Nathan loved riding on the safari float on the river rapids, and his laughs are something I can never forget. If you’re lucky enough, you will witness a mother turtle laying eggs on the beach, which is an unforgettable view for all travelers. 

Tips to remember: Visit the spectacular Del Toro waterfall to relish the dense jungle and its abundance of wildlife. Its sheer magnitude will take over you entirely. 

4. Honolulu, Hawaii

When it comes to Hawaii, the multicultural environment welcomes you with utmost hospitality. And if you are in quest of a place that keeps your kids busy so you can have a relaxing time of your own, then Hawaii is an excellent choice, and I am saying that with experience. Its striking beauty will move you to the core and at the same time you can make a living online while traveling. Its true aloha spirit is something that you’ll come back home with. Waikiki gives you a chance to learn to surf, boogie board, parasail, and even paddle an authentic outrigger canoe which is the best part of teen traveling. 

We loved the collection of beachfront hotels and allowing our children to get a capstone experience to learn what the aloha spirit is about. I equipped my children with the expression of generosity and kindness, and somehow it still reflects in them. 

Tip to remember: Dolphin quest Oahu should be on your bucket list when you visit Honolulu. Pet them, feed them, and socialize with them to have an unforgettable experience. Don’t deprive your kids of this place!

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is considered as one of the most popular cities in the world and the best places to travel with family. Cape Town is popular for its breathtaking beauty that revolves around its table mountains, botanical gardens, and Tree Canopy Walkway. Some of the places not to be missed are:

  • Hout Bay
  • Boulders Beach
  • Cape of Good Hope 

Seeing the seals and penguins will be an astounding sight for your kids; I still remember little Ethan’s excitement there, and the shine of his eyes can’t be expressed in words. 

Tip to remember: To end your adventure, spend an evening watching the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean from Sign Hill. Trust me; the stunning sight will remain embedded in your memory for as long as you’re alive. 

6. London, UK

If your children are as big Potterheads as my children, then London can be a total charmer for the best places to travel with family. All the Harry Potter studios and places you’ve seen in the films are supremely fascinating and utterly captivating.

  •  The ancient fortresses,
  • Buckingham Palace
  •  London Eye
  •  Changing the Guards at the big iron gates 

These are all worth visiting places for your kids. The historical yet vibrant culture is guaranteed to serve you an exceedingly good time. 

Tips to remember for family vacation packages: Revive those Sherlock vibes by visiting Bakers Street. And while you are there, Madame Tussauds is just around the corner so give your favorite celebrities a visit too.  

7. Tokyo, Japan

If you are looking for kid-friendly destinations, then Tokyo has to be one of the best places to travel with family. It holds a profusion of activities for your entire family to stay engaged in. Whether it’s Akihabara, video game shops, toy shops, and manga retailers will be an instant attraction for your kids, and you’ll experience a lot of shirt pullings as soon as they come in your sight. In addition, their parks and museums are full of amusement.  There are several Japanese traveling tips that we’ll talk about in another article. 

Tip to remember: Their Disney Resort provides an immersive experience that you wouldn’t want your kids to miss.


When listing the best places to travel with family, the places mentioned above should be on your list. The active entertainment spots, evergreen forests, and stunning beaches carry an irresistible beauty and idyllic tranquility. Being child-focused attractions is just a cherry on top that you get to relish exponentially. Above are all the best places to go with family, so if you are planning for the best family vacations on a budget head over to these venues.

Frequenly Asked Questions 

Do you have to be rich in order to travel the world?

Travel is always accessible to you in some form. Also, in order to experience a new culture or go on an adventure, you don’t necessarily have to travel far away. Plus, there are several affordable flights for you to travel. 

What are some travel-savvy items to keep with?

If traveling with a baby, you have to carry a baby traveling bag; otherwise, compression bags for traveling, passport, camera, compact charger for your phone or laptop, and Wi-Fi device are a must. 

By what age can kids go on rafting?

Children of age six can go rafting, surfing, and parasailing. 

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