11 Best Things to Do in Disney Springs for Families in 2022

Spending the vacation at Disney World is fantastic as it is full of joy and fun things to do here. But you should also visit Disney springs with your family. Disney Springs is an outdoor visiting point full of shopping, restaurants, and fun things. This Disney spring is located within the Disney World resort. This article will find some best things to do in Disney Springs with family. 

11 Best Things To Do In Disney Springs For Families In 2022

Visiting the Disney spring will be a fantastic experience for you. These are the best places to visit and to do some best things to do in Disney Springs are as follows:

1. Coca-cola Store 

You can visit the coca-cola store, famous for the coca-cola polar bear. You can enjoy seeing the coca-cola store and take selfies with the coca-cola polar bear to capture these fun moments on your camera. It will be fascinating to visit the coca-cola store, and if you are a coca-cola fan, you will feel fantastic in the coca-cola store as you will find the tag of coca-cola on everything you see in the store.  

2. Visit Sprinkles Bakery 

Going on a vacation trip with family is the best thing in life, and while you are visiting Disney Springs with your family, you cannot leave Disney spring without visiting the famous sprinkle bakery. Without enjoying the cakes of sprinkles, your visit to Disney Springs will be incomplete. So this can be a fantastic point for you and your family to visit. 

3. Take A Ride On Characters In Flight

Taking a ride on the character in flight can be one of the best things to do in Disney Springs. It will be a fantastic experience to fly 400 feet in the air in a giant helium balloon with family. To enjoy this flight, you have to buy the tickets, but usually, the tickets are available at a discounted price. But the flight will be undoubtedly exciting, if you miss this ride, you will miss a fantastic experience. The helium balloon will not fly if there is more windy weather. 

4. Visit Splitsville Luxury Lane

Visiting the Splitsville luxury lane will also be very exciting for you and your family. This is the best point to visit because you can enjoy both the dining and the fun activities with your family. There are so many food options to enjoy, and you can also enjoy bowling here. And if you don’t like bowling, you can also enjoy the music and dancing to make your time more magical. 

You can have an enjoyable time enjoying the delicious foods and fun activities with your family in the Splitsville luxury lane. 

5. Visit the Lego store

Legos are the best for polishing kids’ creativity, and there is a Lego store in Disney Springs. The kids will surely enjoy spending some time at the Lego store. There are many things to see and do for you and your kids in the Lego store. There are also some exhibits in the Lego store to see. So you will indeed have a fantastic time in the Lego store. 

6. Take a Boat Ride

The boat ride is also a stimulating activity to do in Disney springs. You will surely enjoy riding a boat with your family. 

7. Incredible dining options

There are incredible dining options in Disney Springs as you can enjoy yummy foods with your family. You can find many foods which your kids will like to eat. The best thing to eat in Disney Springs is that the prices are very affordable. The food trucks on the west side of Disney springs offer you very affordable food. New restaurants are added to Disney Springs every year, so there is something new to explore here for you.  

8. See a Cirque du Soleil Show

The cirque du Soleil show is one of the best entertaining shows you can enjoy. It has been a part of Disney Springs for years. People usually enjoy it a lot here; this show offers circus, acrobatics, stunts, and Disney animation. If you want to enjoy this, you have to hurry up as the tickets for this show and other things in it sold out quickly. So, you have to buy the tickets as quickly as possible to enjoy this show. 

9. Watch a Movie at AMC

Most people like to watch movies; for those people, there is an exciting thing that Disney Springs has its own movie theater. This movie theater has very comfortable seats to enjoy watching a movie and having snacks with your family. All Disney-released films are played in this movie theater, so you can see them during your Disney vacation if there is a newly released Disney movie. It will be the best way to spend the afternoon at Disney springs. 

10. Enjoy Live Entertainment

You can enjoy the live entertainment in Disney springs. Live music sets and artists sing a song to entertain you on the Disney spring stage. Spending some time at this point will surely make you feel relaxed. 

11. Have a Chocolate Milkshake at Ghirardelli

Visiting the Disney springs without visiting the Ghirardelli will make your visit incomplete. If you see Disney on a summer day, you must visit Ghirardelli. In summer the best thing you can enjoy there is the chocolate milkshake. Having a chocolate milkshake here will make you feel refreshed and energetic. 


If you want to spend a day out of Disney world, you can visit Disney springs. There are so many things to do in Disney Springs as there are a lot of restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment activities you can enjoy with your family. Some of the best things to do in Disney Springs with family are mentioned above in this article. I hope you have a quality and fun time at Disney Springs with your family. 

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