8 best Tips to Prevent Car Sickness During Road Trips

Road trips are always enthralling. Packing up, jumping in the car, and being all set to get on the summer trip is all exciting until one of you starts getting sick. It immediately kills the vibe of the trip and gets everyone dull. Being a travel freak myself, I know how anyone can get fuzzy, dizzy, or nauseous during a road trip. We all can benefit from the best tips to prevent car sickness during road trips.

best tips to prevent car sickness during road trips

However, most of the time, it’s the children sitting in the back seat and engaging in gadgets instead of looking outside the window. My son, who used to remain absorbed in video games, suffered from vomiting the most, and that didn’t only frustrate him but would flatten out the mood of our entire family. 

Over the years, I have handled a myriad of occasional vomitings that equipped me with sufficient information to know what prevents them. I had to look for ways, especially when I had to remove the vomit-covered clothes and wash them in the most unpleasant way that wouldn’t eliminate the stain or smell. Have a look at my best tips to prevent car sickness during road trips !

Ways to prevent car sickness for kids

1. Bland foods 

You probably keep making occasional stops during the trip every time your child complains of nausea. We used to do the same and got fed up with breaking the driving tempo after every half an hour and extending the trip more. I decided to keep bags in the car, but the smell was unbearable. 

But a few trips back, I noticed how spicy food had been the culprit behind agitating my kid. His faded color and bulging eyes would prick my heart by the time we reached our destination. So, I decided to feed them with bland foods only and see how their stomachs react. Luckily I managed to crack the code and became the hero of a happy and healthy journey. 

Instead of letting your children binge on sugary snacks and drinks, you can opt for a healthier choice of foods such as:


 plain snack bars 

non-spicy crisps

These food items will remain easy on their stomach and your nerves.  My son had a chocolate milkshake, pizza, and cheese before getting into the car. And I wouldn’t even dare to describe the smell! So, please refrain!

2. Travel during sleep hours

When traveling with kids, try to schedule your trip during their sleep hours. More sleep means lesser chances of motion sickness, which works in your favor. Especially if your traveling doesn’t have much to do with sightseeing, then night hours are the best time to embark on your journey. 

The plus point: You can enjoy some peaceful time alone while your kids are sound asleep at home. I remember listening to my favorite songs, staring at the sky, and talking to my husband in utmost tranquility. I also captured some incredibly hilarious pictures of them sleeping cramped on one another, which we had a great laugh about later. 

You don’t get to enjoy these carefree, peaceful, and mindful moments when traveling in the day. If you haven’t tried traveling at night, take it as an adventure and experience the amazement. 

3. Lots of distractions

When I say distractions, I definitely don’t mean video games. They should be taken away in all cases, together with the books and movies. Also, if you are sick of stopping your ride for changing their clothes and washing their faces, again and again, take these away immediately. I remember this one time when Ethan vomited so many times in a row that I had to wash his clothes in a public bathroom of a random gas station. If you’ve had similar terrible incidents, you definitely want to take precautions. 

That’s when I took all such distractions away and made them focus on other things. These are some games that kept my kids engaged:

  •  20 questions is a classic form of road trip entertainment that kept all of us amused for a pretty long time, even Sophia. Having a toddler and teens with me.
  •  “I Spy,” also kept them focused on the scenery, route, and away from nausea. Surely the best tip to prevent car sickness during road trips. 

The Trump card: The quiet game. If you have a couple of squabbling siblings, this game would do wonders. All you have to do is see how long one can stay quiet. The best way to play this game is to turn down the windows and let them breathe fresh air in blissful silence. The ventilation would prevent car sickness while you get to relish serenity. Pure win-win! 

4. Load medicines 

Traveling with kids who are prone to car sickness calls for medications and a vomit bag at your disposal at all times. You need to be packed with all the necessities because, trust me, when your baby vomits, nobody is going to come for help. At times, not even the father! 

Having to deal with exasperating situations like giving my kid a bath in the middle of the road because he vomited all over himself was a lesson far more than enough to keep a vomit bag with me at all times.

Spare shirts




Water bottle

Don’t forget to keep Tylenol or Dramamine with you whether you are traveling by road, air, or train. Motion sickness can hit anytime, so it’s essential to give your kid a dose ahead of time to prevent the conflict.  

Ways to prevent car sickness for adults

best tips to prevent car sickness during road trips

Just like kids, adults can suffer from motion sickness as well, and it gets way more troublesome when you have three little kids to look after who are just as prone to sickness as you. This calls for desperate measures, and here’s what helped in my case:

5. Avoid heavy meals

While being careful of what your children are snacking on, you need to be equally conscientious of what you are eating. Do not take a heavy meal before starting a journey, no matter how tempting it seems. Here are some of the foods that you need to turn away from:

Burgers, sandwiches, fries or any other fast food


Soft drinks


My husband got lured into the deliciousness, and it wasn’t long before the dizziness kicked in. He stopped the car, and after 20 minutes, I heard him saying that he hadn’t regretted anything more than eating his favorite lasagna. The thought of that stopover still runs a shiver down his spine. 

Now, he stays submissive when I am taking charge of his diet along with the kids. I recommended all the moms out there to do the same, and the assurance of a much smoother trip is guaranteed. 

6. Take breaks 

For an adult, especially for the driver, it’s important to take frequent breaks. Taking some deep breaths, stretching the legs, and relaxing a bit can be significantly helpful in preventing sickness. My husband likes to take breaks during long-distance trips with curvy roads to energize and alleviate sickness. 

It allows the kids’ to relax and run around a little as well, and we only begin when he feels alert and nausea has passed. I remember this one time when he was so tired that he made us all go relax and eat while he locked the car’s doors and took a nap. 

After snoozing for a good 25 minutes, his dizziness had gone away, and we were all set back on a safe drive. So, if your husband or whoever’s driving hasn’t slept in a long trip, let them rest peacefully. After all, the safety of your lives is in their hands! 

7. Keep your head stable 

If you’re in a bumpy or bouncy car, it’s important to keep your vision steady, or else nausea is guaranteed to make its way through. Also, your vision is only going to remain stable if your head is stable. 

I usually use a neck pillow to keep my head in place, plus it helps me get a nice sleep. But, of course, you can use the headrest to keep your head still as well. I found this tip supremely comfortable and helpful for myself, and I am sure it would work for you too. 

8. Use peppermint 

Peppermint or snacks with ginger work wonders to mitigate nausea, so keep one with you at all times. I keep a pack with me and toss one in my husband’s pocket to use every now and then. It eases down the queasy stomach, keeps us distracted, and gives us something to munch on. 

I had heard elders swear by these natural remedies and didn’t use them until absolutely necessary. But their effectiveness amazed me, and I recommend you keep ginger-flavored candies or peppermints in your pockets and purses during all kinds of trips. It sure is one of the best tips to prevent car sickness during road trips. 

Bottom line

Traveling with family is all fun and games until one of you starts puking. To keep that at an arm’s distance, use my tips to prevent car sickness during road trips, and you’ll be able to commemorate the memories of a much smoother, happier, and healthier ride the next time. 

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