Best US SKI Resorts For Families

Best US SKI Resorts For Families on a Budget in 2022

Skiing has always been one of the best activities to indulge in if you’re looking for some excitement and adventure with your family. Escaping the heat, relishing the stunning mountains, and enjoying the slopes with your kids make for the best family trip.

There is a profusion of best US ski resorts for families because resorts are spread all over the US, which makes it difficult to choose the best. As a travel freak and a travelling mom, I have some mindful tips on where to ski and how to enjoy your time to the fullest. 

06 Best US SKI Resorts For Families

06 Best US SKI Resorts For Families

1. Beaver Creek Ski Resort, Colorado

My son, Nathan, learned to ski here through their first-class ski lessons. A few minutes of seeing my son getting comfortable with the instructor satisfied me to let him learn some ski stunts of his own while my husband and I had our own time. The beauty of this mountain is that it’s utterly non-intimidating for beginners to learn. 

I remember when we returned from skiing, my son was bursting with excitement and stories about his lesson, and soon his tiny legs started to showcase the one-of-a-kind tricks. The groomers and terrain parks serve as amusements for the kids, while the ski bikes are a must-try for you. Their extra seating areas and fire pits allow you to warm up and relax before your next ski round, which works for both the kids and the moms. If you want the fun to escalate to another level, Beaver Creek is the place you’d want to travel to. 

  • Proficient ski trainers for kids
  • Fire pits
  • Variety of terrain
  • One of the best ski resorts for teenage family
  • No budget motels
  • Lacks hike to extreme terrains for advanced skiers 

2. Copper Mountain Ski Resort, Colorado

 When travelling with kids, you have to choose a kid-friendly resort. And when I ask my children about their favourite ski resort, Copper Mountain always takes the lead and for all the right reasons. The snowboarding school, snow tubing, and of course, the amazing snow makes for an ideal ski vacation for all children, whether they’re toddlers or teens. 

The best part is that the resort hosts various fun activities for families of all ages, so while your kid is busy making snow angels, you can have a spree of your own. The free childcare services for families is another icing on the cake, which I used when Ethan was little, and I can assure you of their credibility. For an insider tip, if you’re planning on spending time here, stay for a couple of days to make memories and binge on their activities. So, book a room and make every second count! 

  • Outstanding terrain for beginners and intermediate skiers
  • Several amusements for kids
  • Free childcare services
  • One of the best family ski resorts 2022
  • Remains mostly crowded and traffic can be troublesome 
  • Needs to be a little upmarket

3. Northstar Ski Resort, California

If you are a West Coast parent, you probably have childhood memories of your own and getting to share them with your kids is so fulfilling. That’s what Northstar did for me, and I am sure the reminiscing would be just as motivating as it was for me. 

This destination offers way more than just skiing to keep the families entertained. 

  • The ice skating rink
  •  Playgrounds
  • snow tubing
  • cupcake station
  •  movie theatre 

These are all the places that will just get you confused about where to start. I made sure to allow my little ones to experience every single one of them, and their sparkling eyes were everything I wanted. 

While you are there, don’t forget to visit the build-on-your-own hot cocoa, your kids would love that ordeal. All of this together makes it one of the best US ski resorts for families in 2021. 

  • Amazing beginners terrain
  • Upscale
  • Excellent kids’ programs
  • Child care is only for two kids and is at an inconvenient location
  • Expensive 

4. Squaw Valley Ski Resort, California

My family spent a classic weekend at Squaw Valley with their services that sufficed the needs of all my kids. While Nathan and Ethan took skiing classes, my little Sofia kept scooting down the bunny hills, and her laughs were like drops of joy to my ears. 

Getting to carve a line in the glistening snow under the bluebird sky with tiny peaks of the alpine lake was no less than a therapeutic experience for my husband and me. The area is packed with family-friendly activities, which makes it a perfect vacation resort for kids.

 However, don’t forget to keep a tab on the weather before leaving, as the chilly winds can be harmful to the little ones, and you wouldn’t want to stay trapped in a room because you didn’t pack adequately.

  • Impressive terrain for experts
  • Variety of restaurants and bars
  • Plenty of activities for kids
  • Lift tickets are expensive 
  • Line culture is brutal 

5. Crystal Mountain Resort, Thomasville, MI

When it comes to vacationing in winter, Crystal Mountain made up to be the best US ski resort for families in 2021 due to its bevvy of activities that keeps kids engaged almost all of the time. The scavenger hunts, rental board games, and ice skating rinks kept my children happy and rejoiced throughout. 

In winters, the playgrounds become snow-filled laser tag for kids of age seven and above, which is fun to play and watch. My son still has a million stories to tell from that trip, and none of them is dull. We loved to sit together for the sunsets and arrange a campfire and roast marshmallows at night, and I would suggest you do that as a must. 

A little tip from me is to keep a camera at your disposal at all times. It’s better if you can hire a photographer because these memories are worth being saved, not only in your head but also in a tangible form.

  • A profusion of activities for kids
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Quaint grounds
  • One of the best US ski resorts for families
  • Pricey lodgings
  • Congested pools 

6. Sunlight Mountain Resort, Colorado

Sunlight Mountain Resort makes for one of the most charming ski resorts with beautiful scenery to bless your eyes with. While this resort is small and rugged, it provides sufficient space for a family to have time of their own. 

The amenities here are pretty limited, but the snow falls for days which makes up for that pretty much. Also, the epic terrain and less crowd allow your family to enjoy alone time in peace and tranquillity. I remember when we visited Sunlight, the cold was at its best and my son terribly needed some warmth. That’s when I discovered this little hut with heaters, and I want you all to store this in your memory because you will need to warm up those tiny hands.  

  • Affordable lodgings
  • Excellent views
  • Slow on lifts
  • Limited terrain

Bottom line

Vacations become a thousand times more meaningful when they are with the family, and for us, skiing is the best way to do that. The resorts mentioned above served us with the most memorable activities that we think of and cherish to date.

So, if you are planning on a skiing vacation, these are the best US ski resorts for families, and you should keep them at the top of your considerations. I you are looking for skiing options in BANFF, ALBERTA, then check out my best recommendation on that as well.

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