dos and don'ts while packing luggage

Knowing that packing luggage is usually the toughest part, I decided to use the significant years of experience at hand to help out the perplexed travel moms. I have come up with a couple of dos and don’ts while packing luggage to make it convenient and exciting, all at the same time. 

Packing has to be one of the most interesting and fun parts of traveling. Before having kids, I used to start planning and packing my things from almost a week before. Packing all of my outfits, a different one for each day, used to take most of my day. Well, after becoming a mom, my luggage started squeezing out less space for me and more for the kids.

Every time before our trip, I sit down with my boys and tell them to list all of their essentials, and we end up making more laughs out of this little session than ever. Reminiscing the previous trips and imagining the coming one holds substantial interest for all of us. 

So without further ado let’s dive in!

Roll up 

Have you been folding your clothes when you pack? That’s just what we have been told to be the efficient way. And that’s what I kept doing for the larger part of my traveling regime. However, after having kids,I pieced the fact together on having to drop my fancy dress-up combos back home. 

However, I still wasn’t able to suffice the clothing needs until and unless I packed another suitcase which became a bigger hassle to handle. My competitive self took the challenge and decided to pull the plug on the traditional packing technique, and that’s how I came up with the roll-up.

 As the name suggests, you just have to roll up the clothes, place them in the luggage, and save a preposterous amount of space. This didn’t only allow me to fit in all of Ethan’s and Nathan’s clothes, but I was also able to squeeze in some of my favorites. It’s such a win-win. 

Tip to remember: Make sure not to stuff in heavier items. If there are any, it’s better to wear them or carry them to the destination, instead of making your suitcase heftier. 

Don’t overpack

We are all familiar with the phrase “Less is more,” and it applies perfectly to the packing situation. After having Nathan, where I was so terribly conscious of what to pack or leave behind, I remember a time that I decided to pack everything.

I just couldn’t classify anything as absolutely necessary to keep with, and I didn’t want my holiday to be a failure because Nathan didn’t get his favorite shirt. 

Well, it turned out that ninety percent of the things I packed didn’t even get used. So, instead of falling victim to paranoia, stick to your instincts and keep what’s important. 

Now, shifting to yourself, just like your kids’ items, there are several things that you can easily live without. Toss the extra three pairs of shoes at home because one pair of sneakers pretty much do all the job. And remember, there’s nothing more liberating than holding a suitcase or backpack with all of your essentials. 

Tip to remember:  Don’t pack up a huge makeup bag or a blow dryer with you; trust me, you wouldn’t even need these things. With the snow-capped mountains showcasing their surreal beauty, you wouldn’t want to waste any time in perfecting a winged liner. 

Pack a mom-bag

 When it comes to traveling with kids, you can’t stay without packing a mom-bag. Especially if you are with a toddler, you need quite a couple of things at your disposal at all times. 

  • Diapers
  • Formulas
  • Powder
  • Lotion
  • Rash creams
  • Wipes
  •  Pacifier
  •  a spare onesie

And so many other things need to be in a single bag to cater to your kid’s needs. I remember when we were relishing the wonder of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, and the screams of a baby kept providing a disturbing background sound. My husband, who kept making fun of my mom-bag, asked me to help the woman as I was no less than a portable baby-store. It turned out the baby had a rash, and luckily I had the rash cream with me to soothe his pain. And while my husband’s puns made me feel like I kept a little too much in my bag, I realized that I did what was for the best. If you’re a traveling mom, this is imperative. 

Check the weather beforehand

Among the dos and don’ts, while packing luggage, you must check the weather before packing. You might not be fully able to anticipate how cold or hot the weather is upon general perception.

It’s important to pack according to the weather because while you can purchase items while you are there, it is still better to already have them with you before arrival. 

For instance, you would want to own a pair of gloves or beanie if you’re traveling to a cold destination or a bathing suit and sunscreen if it’s hot. 

Bringing your preferable travel accessories is always a great idea to go by. And especially with kids, you never want to compromise on their health. So, a weather check is a must!

Don’t forget the toiletries

Toiletries must be handy when you are traveling. So keeping a small bag with all of them is essential, especially if you don’t want to use any of the hotel items. The major toiletries include:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Toothpaste 

 However, at the same time, remember not to pack large size bottles as they are unnecessary and inefficient to handle. It wasn’t for me and won’t be for you either. And even if you run out of any of those items, you can easily purchase them from the nearest supermarket, and that also at a minimal cost. The price tags at them left me gawking, and I even ended up stacking some of my favorites from there. So, do not bother yourself with unnecessary packing. Just keep what’s essential and leave the rest at home. 

Bottom line

There are several dos and don’ts while packing luggage, but the above five consist of almost everything necessary. Packing with kids is different from packing alone, so you should own every necessity up your sleeve. However, remember not to go too overboard with your packing as it can end up being unnecessary baggage. 

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