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21 Best Places For Family Holiday In Florida That Aren’t In Disney

Do you know what are the best places for family holidays in Florida that are not in Disney? Florida has always been an attractive destination for a family vacation. Many people think that tourism in Florida is due to the theme parks here, but this is wrong, yes the theme parks attract many tourists, but there is so many worths seeing things in Florida.

Florida has beautiful beaches, and there are so many natural scenic views that also attract tourists to visit Florida. If you plan a family vacation in Florida but want to explore places other than theme parks, you will find some fabulous ideas to spend amazing family vacations in Florida, not Disney. 

Best ideas for family vacations in Florida not Disney

Tourism in Florida is relatively high, this is not only because of Disney world here or the universal studios in Orlando, but there are also a lot of things to see here in Florida other than Disney, such as the beaches, history, wildlife, natural scenic view, and so many other things. So, there are some places to visit with family in Florida so that you have an amazing family vacation in Florida, not Disney.

1): Sanibel Island 

If you like to enjoy nature, then Sanibel island is the best vacation destination. This island is the treasure of nature. You can plan to spend quality time here by visiting the J.N. Ding Darling national wildlife refuge. You can visit this wildlife refuge on a tram.

The tram will stop along the way so that you can see more than 245 species of birds, reptiles, and specifically alligators. You can see many more fun things here on Sanibel Island. There are many luxury resorts to stay in here with family, so Sanibel is one of the most expensive places to spend a family vacation here.

2): Cocoa Beach

Another fantastic place to visit if you are a beach lover is Cocoa Beach. The activities offered by Cocoa beach are surfing lessons, family flock to Cocoa Beach Pier for having a fantastic family meal. Another best thing about Cocoa beach is that this is a short drive distance to the Kennedy space center. You can quickly explore it with the onsite astronauts and rockets. You will have many fun things to do here, but don’t miss the space ice cream offered here. 

3): Clearwater Beach

Clearwater beach is another best place to visit in Florida for beach lovers. The white sand gives a beautiful view. There are chairs and umbrellas available for rent at Clearwater beach, so you can sit in the shade and have a relaxing time on the beach. You can enjoy delicious food here on a short distance. You can also visit the Clearwater Aquarium to teach the kids about rescued or injured marine animals.

4): Destin

Destin is a fantastic place in Florida for a family vacation. This place offers so many things to do with family, and the best thing is that the atmosphere here is family-friendly.

In Destin, you can visit the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise, Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, and Mcguire’s Irish pub. You can also try the Key Lime Cocktail at the Hogs Breath Saloon. If your kids like the water activities, you can take your kids to Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park. You can spend precious time here with your family. 

5): Fort Myers

Another best option for you and your family in Fort Myers. It is the best place where you can enjoy yourself with your family. If you have older kids with you, then you can explore the science nerd, and other places you must visit here are Edison Winter Estate along the Caloosahatchee River. You can find various fun activities to do here with your family.

6): Fort Lauderdale

Want to enjoy the vacation with family and make every member happy, Fort Lauderdale is the best place. This place offers activities for members of every age. If you visit Fort Lauderdale, you can have a fabulous family vacation here.

7): Gainesville

If you want to educate the kids during your family vacation, you can make Gainesville your vacation destination. You can make your kids know about many new things by visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History. You can enjoy nature here in Gainesville with your family. You can also fill your tummy with delicious food, as there are restaurants that offer tasty food such as The Top And Satchel’s Pizza. 

8): Key West

Many people worldwide come to the critical west to explore it. This place is popular for its scenic view of the sunset. This is the best place that offers fun activities for families such as parasailing, sailing, snorkeling, and many more adventurous activities. 

9): Jacksonville

This is another beachy place for beach lovers, with 22 miles of coastline. Along with the beaches here, you can also visit the national parks, state parks, and other city parks. You can also visit the museum of art and gardens. It is also a fantastic spot for the foodies because you will find many delicious foods. 

10): Miami

We all know that Miami is a tourist attraction point, you can find several places to explore and several activities to do with the family. You can enjoy the colorful murals of Wynwood and dance & music in Little Havana. For older kids, you can visit the Holocaust Museum. The best thing about Miami is that it is not too expensive to visit it will family you can find many free things to do with kids.

11): Ocala

The Ocala is the best destination for nature lovers. This is a place that shows the beauty of nature. There are beautiful natural forests. You can take your family to visit KP Hole State Park and visit the gardens In Silver State Park. 

12): Naples

If you are a shopping lover, Napel is the best place. You can have many shopping and dining options here. You will find various activities for kids too. So, it will be a great place as a family vacation destination. If you are on a family vacation here, you must visit the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, which is prevalent for family vacationers. 

13): Navarre Beach

If you don’t like crowded places but still love to enjoy your vacation on the beach then Navarre Beach is best for you. This place has the same beautiful beaches as in Destin and other cities in Florida, but the crowd here is half of it. So it will give you more private time with your family and you can spend precious time with your family. 

14): Orlando

Orlando is the dream destination for kids as there are many things to see or do for kids. Cinderella’s castle and the waving to Mickey attract the children most. You have many delicious foods to eat which your kids will surely enjoy. This place is best to visit to make your kids happy. 

15): Panama city

Panama City provides a family-friendly environment, and it offers many fun activities for families. You can plan for kayaking, sailing, and boarding in Panama city. When you have older kids with you, that you must go fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving with them. 

16): Pensacola

When comes Pensacola, this is an amazing place to spend the vacation here. The Blue Angels Naval Aerobatics team is here, which shows amazing aerobats. The beach here in Pensacola is excellent. Many families from all around the world come here to spend their vacations on the beach sites. You will also find some fantastic and fun things to do with kids. You and your family will indeed have a fun time with your family. 

17): Sarasota

Sarasota is another place your family will enjoy visiting. You can enjoy kayaking, and exploring mangroves and waterways. You can also spend your day staying on the beach. The best family-friendly beach here in Sarasota is Lido Beach, Manasota Beach,  and Siesta Key Beach. You can also enjoy the best-fried chicken and pie here.  

18): St. Augustine

The title given to this city is the Nation’s  Oldest City. So, it shows the history, architecture, and culture of Florida. So it will be best for the history lover to visit St. Augustine. You can also find amazing things to do and enjoy with kids. 

19): Vero Beach

The Vero beach is considered a tropical paradise in Florida. It has beautiful scenic views. If you have the older children with you, it will be the best place as you can visit the Environment Learning Center, Historic Dodgertown Stadium, and visit the manatees on the round island. This is a very peaceful place, so if you want to relax this is the best place. 

20): Tampa

Tampa is where you can find many multiple places and activities to do with the family. You can find activities for people of all ages. As there are amusement parks, beaches, and theme parks. the must-visit places here are Busch Garden and the Florida Aquarium. So you will surely enjoy your vacation with your family here. 

21): St. Petersburg

This is also a fantastic place to visit and capture some precious memories here. It offers many fun activities, which you can do with your family. The must-visit places in St. Petersburg are the Great Exploration Museum and Sunken Garden.


The family vacation in Florida can be fascinating, as it offers so many fun activities and many places to visit. If you also want to visit Florida with family but outside Disney, you will find many things and places to explore here. Above in this article are mentioned the best place for a family vacation in Florida, not Disney. This will be helpful to find a place to explore with family in Florida.

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