2 Best Methods Of How to Fly Standby on a Buddy Pass?

You must have heard about traveling free on a buddy pass. It is possible if one’s relative works in the airline. The airline agency gives that person a buddy pass that the employee can give to the friend or relative and fly for free. 

But after knowing about the buddy pass, the first question arises: how to take a buddy pass flight? Or how to fly standby on a buddy pass? If you have this kind of question in your mind, you are on the right page; here in this article, you will find information about the buddy pass and how to fly standby on a buddy pass.

How To Take a Buddy Pass Flight?

Before moving towards how to take a buddy pass flight, you must have the basic information about the buddy pass. The buddy pass is a non-revenue pass given to the airline employee. This is a benefit the airline agency provides to the airline employee; the employee can give this buddy pass to relatives. So, by using this pass, the person having that buddy pass can travel free by taking the buddy pass flight. 

Now the question arises that how to fly standby on buddy pass? You will be guided entirely about enjoying the buddy pass flight:

How to Fly Standby on a Buddy Pass?

Issuance Of Buddy Pass

First of all, you must know about the issuance of a buddy pass. The buddy pass is usually issued to the employee who works in the airline. The airline employee can get about 10 buddy passes per year, which expires as the year ends. The buddy pass program is unique to every airline.

Book Flight By Using Buddy Pass

The next question arises about booking a buddy pass flight; this process varies from airline to airline. Sometimes, you have to call a reservation agent to enlist yourself by providing them with a confirmation code. 

Flying on the buddy pass means that you may not have a seat on the flight you are looking for. The agent will check the flight load and make you aware of the flight you can fly in. once you choose the flight from the option you were given by the agent, your/name will be enlisted in the standby list for the flight. You can change the flight, but 

What To Do At The Airport When Flying By Using Buddy Pass?

Your confirmation code is used to issue the standby ticket for checking int for checking in. After doing this, you should check the bags; the ticket agent will put a standby tag on the key. 

Some airlines offer online check-in, and if you have checked in online, you can skip the ticket counter except you check bags. Then just use the printed-out online tickets to move straight to the gate.

What To Do At The Gate?

Once the ticket agent checks you in, you are not required to approach the gate agent. Because the data saved in the computer will mention all the standby passengers who studied in the flight. Then you simply have to wait for the flight to finish boarding and call the gate agent to issue a boarding pass. And if you’ve checked in online, you should notify the gate agent that you are there and then take your seat.

How Are Standbys Cleared?

Now the big question is how the standby passengers are cleared? The passenger who is taking the buddy pass flight is removed on the following priorities:

  • the flight attendants and the pilots en route to work.
  • Full fare passenger using the buddy pass to catch an early flight. 
  • Off-duty pilots.
  • Employees of other airlines and designated family members.
  • Buddy passes travelers to check-in in time.

You should sit close to the gate to listen to your name clearly. Because if you can’t approach the podium in time, the next standby passenger will be called by the gate agent.

If you don’t get the flight, be ready for other flight options. Once you find that the gate agent is free, you can tell him to enlist you for the next available flight.

Rules & Etiquette of Being A Standby Passenger

Airlines issue the dress code for the standby passenger or those taking the buddy pass flight. So, you have to follow that dress code to represent the airline. The airline employee who provided you the buddy pass will inform you about the dress code. If you don’t follow that dress code, you may not board. 

As an airline representative, you should also stay polite and calm to the airline employees. Keep in mind that you don’t annoy the gate agent because the gate agent has the authority to decide whether you will board or not.


Are Buddy Passes Standby?

Yes, the buddy passes are the standby passes. Due to buddy pass, you are taking advantage of the opportunity given to your friend or relative being an employee of that airline. So, if you are taking a buddy pass flight, you are flying on standby. Flying on standby means that you will only get a seat if there is an empty seat on the flight.

How Do Hawaiian Airlines Buddy Passes Work?

There are different rules and limitation of buddy pass for other airlines. In the case of Hawaiian Airlines, you, your spouse, the parent of the employee, or the dependent children are eligible for the buddy pass flight. But the employee is also given a one-way friendship travel passe each year, which can be used by friends and relatives, and some charges can also be applied. 

How Do You Fly Standby on An Airline?

If any relative is an employee of the airline, then they can provide you a buddy pass to fly standby. Then you have to follow the procedure issued by the airline to be a standby passenger.


If you have a relative who is an airline employee, you can use the buddy pass provided to the airline employee every year. By using those free buddy passes, you can fly as a standby passenger on the flight. And if you are flying on standby, you don’t have a seat; you will be given a seat if there is an empty seat on the flight. If you are taking the buddy pass flight, you have to follow some rules and regulations issued by the airline.

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