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If you are a family who loves vacationing as much as we do and haven’t considered camping, trust me, you’ve no idea what you are missing out on. I, for one, love the idea of trekking, hiking, and camping at a peaceful location that presents a breathtaking view. It’s the best way to spend time with nature, breathe fresh air and slow down from fast-paced everyday life.

After years of experience, everything about the camping trip is on my tips, but I very well remember how clueless I was about how to perfectly pack for the tip, what activities to gather for the kids and how to spend time there. But, it all comes with time, and now that I have all the hacks, I want to share them with all the moms out there who freak out at the thought of how to prepare for a camping trip.

Traveling with family is fun, and it gets better with camping. Unsure how? Have a look!

Packing the right gear for camping – Physical preparation for camping

Packing for camping is not at all the same as every other trip. You need to be very careful with what to pack and what to leave behind, especially if you are traveling with kids. Packing a lot can be painful not only with exhaustion but with storing at the destination as well. So, here’s everything important. 

Medical box

The most important thing is to pack a first aid kit. Bug bites, scratches, cuts, and scrapes are all common when camping because no one camps in the middle of a road. Also, camping is all about being adventurous and getting wild, and that calls for some bruises. 

Your boys would be wearing shorts most of the time, and you won’t and shouldn’t be stopping them from playing in the woods; therefore, any activity can cause injury. While you can’t avoid that, you must be fully equipped with all the creams, pyodine, syrups, and tablets to cure all sorts of issues.

Pack some sunscreen and insect repellant as well to keep the mosquitoes and ticks away.  

With this, you also need to be mentally strong to deal with the new savage side of your husband and kids that is very much likely to show up.

Bonus tip: create a tea tree oil and water solution to protect your body from all the tick bites. It can also help with the itching of mosquito bites.  


The next super essential thing to keep with is the tent. You must have a ground cloth and rain fly with it to keep it solid through the weather. But the packing of the tent doesn’t end here; you need to keep a couple more things to make your sleeping space a tad bit more comfortable:

  • Blankets
  • Mattresses
  • Foam pads 
  • Cots if you’re with a baby

With all of these accessories, you can expect to get a homely experience when it comes to sleep, at least. I remember I didn’t pack any mattresses when we camped for the first time, and the hard floor gave me a bad back. So, the next night I decided to keep a blanket under me, but then I was bare up-front. So, learn from me!

Bonus tip about how to prepare for a camping trip with a tent: with all the accessories, do not forget to pack sleeping bags, which should match your body temperature. 

Clothes that fit all weathers

A mom is very well aware of all the clothes she needs to pack for all the family members, but packing these varies a little. So, if you are accustomed to asking your children to bring their clothes as a did with Nathan, that would be a bad idea. 

You need to pack normal clothes for a warm climate for the day and pack some layers to go through the night as it gets cold. Be extra cautious while packing for your little ones as they might find it colder at night as compared to you. 

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to keep rain gear in the traveling with kids’ checklist, as you can anticipate rain at any time. Waterproof clothes are another packing essential that can be beneficial. 


No one expects to have a furnished kitchen on a camping trip which is fun for me most of the time. Keep a camping stove, and fuel with is critical as you’re going to need it terribly in the mornings when everyone’s screaming for their eggs. The other utensils needed in the adequate amount are:

  • Plates
  • Spoons
  • Forks
  • Bowls
  • Knives
  • Frying pan
  • Cutting board

If you have seen those cooking videos where a cook travels in the mountains and cooks delicious dishes with fresh vegetables on fire, that’s the exact feeling you get, and it’s worth cherishing. 

Bonus tip: Make sure to bring coolers and water carriers with you as they’ll be in dire need throughout your trip. While getting water from the lake can help, unless you’ve packed a water filter too, you’d want your own. 


Flashlights or camping lanterns are imperative while you are traveling. Especially when traveling with kids, you need sufficient light to keep them calm and cool. You will need it in and around your tent and in case you have to walk in the dark. If you are planning to stay for more than two days, make sure to keep sufficient batteries with you to avoid any inconvenience. 

Firestarter kit

A camping trip isn’t one unless you have a bonfire every night. I love to sit with my family around the fire, burn marshmallows with chocolate, fish the other night, and maybe roasted chicken the next. And no matter how much the men in your family make you believe they can light a fire with two rocks, carry a Firestarter kit with you. Then, once they run out of energy and give up, you can walk in like a hero and light the fire within a second. 

How to plan a camping trip with friends? Camping Activities

how to prepare for a camping trip

Whether it’s kids or adults, we always start planning our activities as soon as the trip is finalized. It’s good to plan all your activities ahead of time, and when it comes to how to prepare for a camping trip, there’s plenty to do on a camping trip. Here are some of them that always make our trip full of laughter and joy:

Scavenger hunt

My kids love scavenger hunts, and I am with them. If we are traveling with another family, we divide into two teams, or we do that among our family and conduct a fun-filled hunt. The players can be asked to collect certain colored stones, pine cones, or snail shells, and the players have to work in a team.

 If you plan on playing scavenger hunt, make sure to have compasses and watches for everyone to get back on time. Also, keep some storage bags, pencils, and papers to track the found items, and the team that gets back first wins. The loser has to cook and serve marshmallows at night. 

Story contest

Well, after a hyperactive day, you always need a peaceful night to calm your nerves. This activity would keep your kids engaged while you get to enjoy it without anyone screaming. We give a turn to every family member, and everyone has to tell a story in his turn. You can share an anecdote of the kids’ childhood or play the game where one member says a sentence, and the next member continues it to make it a story. We always end up having lots of fun during this.  

Study the stars 

This is an activity for all moms to lay down after a tiring day and relax in serenity. Just lay down with your kids under the sky and let their imagination flood in. Ask them to study the stars and explain what picture they make of them. Of course, you can do this with the clouds during the day, but it’s always spectacular at night.

Play truth or dare

There wouldn’t be a kid who isn’t interested in playing truth and dare. Sit down in a circle, spin an empty bottle and suck out all the truths from your kids or give them a fun dare. Kids always enjoy it playing it with their parents since they get to ask questions as well. It can get risky but fun. 


So, how to prepare for a camping trip with rafting on schedule, Here’s when waterproof clothes can come in handy. This will be an enthralling experience and one that will be memorable for life. When traveling with family, rafting has to be on your list of adventurous activities. However, make sure not to carry kids less than 10 years of age; it can be dangerous and terrifying for them. 


Hiking is a given when camping, and while it’s exhausting, getting to explore nature closely and capturing incredible views makes it one hundred percent worth it. 

Conclusion – How To Prepare For a Camping Trip

Most people remain confused about how to prepare for a camping trip, and while it takes at least two visits to understand the tips, it’s undoubtedly one of the best experiences to have. With all my packing tips and activities mentioned above, you’re guaranteed to have learned most of the deal. Happy camping!

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