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London With kids – 9 Best Places To Visit

Want to know what are the best places to visit in London with kids? By the coming 2022, many families started planning trips to enjoy the pleasant moments in their lives. We all know how much the covid-19 affected our minds, and people became depressed due to the lockdown. This year, I’m sure that many of you are trying to find out the most beautiful and attractive place to keep your mind and body relaxed. I have a good choice for a lovely trip that you can enjoy with your kids and have fun with them.

Free days out in london with kids for families


As we all know, Buckingham Palace is the most famous place in London. Almost every year, more than thousands of people came here to visit the Palace and store its beautiful buildings in their cameras and enjoy the unique and beautiful experience. Then many other historical and amazing things are here to see and experience in London with kids. Here are some widespread places that are written below:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Parliament Hill
  • Greenwich Park
  • Take the River Bus
  • Enjoy views of London from Parliament Hill or Greenwich Park

Buckingham Palace

As I said that Buckingham Palace is one of the excellent attraction spots in London, you can visit it and attend the changing of the Guards ceremony. Every day at 10:45 am, the ceremony starts, the handover takes place at 11 am, and the process of this ceremony takes only 45 minutes approximately. 

You have to take your family to this ceremony; I hope you will like it, in fact, it is an excellent opportunity to visit Buckingham Palace, I think it is one of the most important tasks to do in London with kids.  

British Museum of London

On a London trip, you have a great option to visit the British Museum with kids from which they can get a lot of information and find many exciting things like mummies, Egyptian artifacts, and historical objects. If you don’t have buff knowledge, you and your kids can get enough information if you visit this museum. You will start feeling a different and exciting experience from the entrance hall because of its magnificence.

There is a healthy and more child-friendly environment with the digital exploration of the museum, making mosaic masks, and free workshops like ‘Building Roman Britain in Minecraft’. It’s such a fun and knowledgeable place to visit London with kids. Here are other three museums that you can see in London: 

A London bus

One of the most critical and needy things to remind is the selection of transport through which you can visit different places and enjoy the trip to London with kids. Because it is essential to get your kids a safe and refreshing drive. If they get fed up with the travel, they with not enjoy the trip and can’t also enjoy it. 

So, it’s better to travel through buses of London in preference of personal vans or open-top buses. The local buses are more comfortable when you are not from London. You can easily reach your destination by local bus. It is straightforward to travel on such buses, as you will need a credit card or travel card to pay. Because they don’t get money, and the remarkable fact is that they don’t get cash for kids under 11 years.   

Here are some best London bus routes for tourism spots especially:

  • Number 11 Starts from Liverpool Street Station and its main spots are Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben, and ends at Victoria Station.
  • Number 73 starts from Victoria Station, and its main spots are Marble Arch, Wellington Arch, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace gardens, Oxford Street, and ends at Stoke Newington.
  • Number 24 starts from Hampstead Heath; its main spots are Trafalgar Square, Camden, Parliament Square (for the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben and Westminster Abbey), and ends at Pamlico.

 Cool off in the fountains at Granary Square

Fountains at Granary square is a place of kids’ attraction; it is a lovely and exciting area located at the head of Granary Square by Kings Cross. Kids like to play in the water, and it is best to take them there and let them enjoy a beautiful water party. There are many restaurants and Bars near granary square. You can also visit these fountains:

  • Diana Memorial Fountains
  • Kensington Memorial Park
  • Coram Fields
  • Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court at Somerset House

Harry Potter Platform 9 ¾ – London with kids

I am sure many of you are fans of harry potter, so you can’t miss the chance to visit the Harry Potter Platform 9 ¾. can join the queue that you will find outside of the Harry Potter shop in Kings Cross station. You can photograph your chosen Hogwarts house scarf by pushing a trolley through the wall. 

But to visit the Harry Potter studio and Harry Potter shop you have to book first because of the crowd of people. As it is a very famous character and setting, the studio attracts tourists to visit this place. I am confident that you will get precious memories here with your kids.  

Tate Modern 

The Tate Modern is an excellent option to visit with family, and it should definitely be on your list when visiting London with kids. You can easily approach it bypassing the Millennium Bridge from St Paul’s Cathedral, where we see a great view along the Thames towards the Shard and Tower Bridge. can also visit:

  • Primrose Hill  (Camden Market)
  • Royal Observatory Greenwich 
  • Herriman Museum
  • Sky Garden
  • The Garden at 120

Impressive street performances at Covent Garden

In London, you can see street performances also. Watching is such a fantastic feeling They show you their talents magic, music and comedy, Statues, gaming, and many more exciting skills. They mostly stay at the west of the Plaza.

London theatre

London is famous for the Shakespeare Theatre; he gave a lot of unique and heart-touching stories in London. It’s a golden chance to watch any theatre movie if you are visiting London. Because London is famous for its theatre worldwide. 

You can watch, The Lion King, Mathilda or Wicked or any of the Shakespeare stories but it is pretty expensive, but you can’t miss it too. I think you should experience the theatre in London with kids at least once. 


If you are planning a trip to London with kids, I tried to facilitate you as much as possible. If you read it until the end, you will get enough information about the trip. You can easily make a  list of places you want to visit in London by reading my article, Best of luck with your journey.

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