5 Best Midwest Road Trip Destinations – For Families and Couples

A road trip is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of nature and explore the culture of any area. If you plan to have a road trip to the Midwest region, you are on the right page; in this article, I’m going to share the best Midwest road trip destinations ideas that can be fantastic Midwest vacation spots about where to go and how to enjoy the road trip more efficiently. 

Best Midwest Road Trip Destinations Vacation Ideas – Where to go for the road trip

If you are planning a road trip to enjoy your holidays by exploring nature and the beautiful scenic view of the Midwest, the following are some Midwest vacation ideas about where to go on a long-distance vehicle and how to make your road trip more memorable.

Illinois Destinations, Chicago 

The first and the most beautiful destination in the Midwest in Illinois. You will enjoy your trip here, as it offers so many ways to make your trip fun and memorable. Some of the Midwest vacation ideas about spending your holidays in Illinois, Chicago, are that you must visit the Chicago Millennium Park and capture the moment in the reflective surface of the colossal sculpture of Chicago.

Because if you see Chicago and didn’t take a selfie in that reflection, no one will believe you that you spent your holidays in Chicago. It also has a substantial luxurious shopping mall, which attracts the attention of shopping lovers. So, you can spend your day shopping for your favorite items and enjoy the elegant view of the store.

A lake in Michigan is also an attraction point in Chicago. You can spend your quality time taking a boat ride and enjoying the fresh air. If you want to deeply understand the architectural focus, you should take a Chicago architecture foundation. The boat tour of the city will give a different view, and you can explore the city differently.

There is also a free zoo where you can have fun and activities like riding paddle boats. You can also enjoy delicious food such as pizza and Chicago hot dogs. So all of these things make it a perfect destination for your road trip.

The Ohio River Scenic Byway, Indiana

The Ohio River Scenic Byway has its own charm to the visitors. During your trip, you will pass from three historic towns that are:

  • Vevay
  • Madison
  • Newburgh

Your road trip will start from Vevey, the 4th most relaxed small town in America. This attractive town offers a casino, yummy meals, and you can also enjoy zip-lining. From this Vevey, you will move forward to another charming town called Madison. This town has beautiful scenic views; you can also enjoy the locally made cider, hiking, and some local activities. 

Then you will move to another small village named Newburgh, where your road trip to the Ohio river scenic byway will be finished. In Newburgh, you can enjoy the delicious food and unique shops and shopping items. If you’ve had a less budget you can even choose the cheapest methods to travel across the country.

Lowa Road Trip

Lowa road trip is the best road trip in the Midwest. It will be one of the best Midwest vacation ideas for those who love nature to go lowa for a riad trip. During this riad trip, you will have four road trip destinations that are: 

  • Dunnings Spring Park
  • Effigy Mounds National Monument
  • Maquoketa Caves State Park
  • Wildcat Den State Park

Your lowa road trip will start from dunning spring park. This is the best place to see the impressive waterfalls. After the dunning spring park, you will move towards the Effigy Mounds National Monument. This monument has about 200 effigy mounds created by the local Americans from 20 different nations. 

After this impressive monument, you will move towards the Maquoketa cave state park. This park is located on an area of about 300 acres. This park is given its name as it has more caves than any other state park of Iowa. Then your next destination will be Wildcat Den State Park. This park is known for its massive rock features. So, if there are vast and giant rocks so, you can hike and see the Devil’s punch bowl, Steamboat Rock, and Fat Man’s Squeeze.

So, all of these destinations during your lowa road trip are exciting, and these destinations will make your trip memorable.

Ghost Towns Of Missouri 

Those people who love the spooky adventure can think about having a road trip to the ghost town of Missouri. The points where you can go are:

  • Arlington
  • Bloodlands
  • Possum Trot
  • Georgia City

Your journey will start in Arlington, the lively town on the 66 Route. This Arlington was established in the 1860s, and it was uninhibited about 100 years later.  Then the just south of Arlington, there is bloodlands town. This town has a great name, and in 1940, this town became obsolete as only a few buildings remained there.

After bloodlands, you will move towards the Possum trot, and after that, you will finish your road trip to Georgia city. So if you are an adventure lover, you will surely enjoy your road trip through the ghost town of Missouri.  

Small Towns Of Minnesota Road Trip

In the Midwest, you can also pick the small towns of Minnesota to visit. This will also be a fantastic road trip. During this road trip, you will have four main destinations. 

  • Ely
  • Pipestone
  • Winona
  • Taylors Falls

Your journey will start in Ely, known for the best waterfalls in Minnesota, named the kawishiwi falls.  After this, your next destination on this road trip will be Pipesone. This town is known for its pipestone national monument. You can learn deeply about American history in the national monument. 

After the pipestone, your next destination will be Winona. This is a perfect place for couples to have quality time here. This town offers unique festivals that you will enjoy. So, this road trip will be memorable, and you will surely bring some sweet memories to your home.


Road trips are the best way to enjoy nature and deeply explore the region’s culture. in the Midwest, there are so many places you can pick for the road trip. Above this article, I’ve mentioned the best Midwest vacation ideas to go there according to your point of interest. The Midwest is full of natural beauty and historical aspects you would like to know about, and you will surely enjoy the Midwest road trip and add some beautiful moments in the phone gallery.

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