Road Trip With a Baby

7 Best Ideas When Going Road Trip With A Baby: A Survival Guide for Parents

You are thinking about a road trip with a baby, but don’t have any idea! A road trip with a newborn baby is usually not an easy task. Some babies feel comfortable moving a car. They fall asleep, but this is for short-distance driving. Babies get tired of travelling in the car and start showing irritation. This will not keep your road trip enjoyable. If you have a newborn baby and want to go on a road trip with family, then you are on the right page. Here you will find a survival guide for a baby road trip, which will help you deal with the baby during your road trip. 

Guidelines For Parents For Road Trip With A Baby

Road Trip With a Baby

There are some guidelines for parents who want to go on a road trip with a newborn baby; these guidelines will help you make your baby road trip more comfortable with your newborn baby.

1. Make Your Baby Used To Travel In Car

The first thing to make your baby road trip more comfortable is to make your baby used to travel in the car. For this, you have to take your baby out in the car for a short distance. This will also make you aware of your baby’s response in the moving vehicle. 

2. Seats Of Car Must Be Comfortable 

The comfortability of car seats is the priority if you want to have a comfortable road trip with family and specifically with the newborn. If the car seats are satisfied, you can handle the baby without feeling tired during your journey. And while keeping the baby in baby court, you can also keep it beside you on the seat easily. 

3. Check The Map Of your Route And the Condition of Roads

You must check the map of the routes you are going through during your road trip. And you should also have an idea about the condition of roads of your way. If the road has jumps and is rough, this will make your baby feel uncomfortable, so you should keep in mind that you plan a trip through the lane where you can smoothly drive the car.

4. Plan Beautiful Stops Along The Way

Don’t keep your baby inside the car for a long time, as it will be irritating for the baby to stay in a closed cabin for a long time. So, you have to plan the beautiful and refreshing spots where you can stop and get some fresh air and relax. This will prevent you and your baby feel tired, and you can easily enjoy your road trip. While planning a stop along the way, keep in mind to stop at a scenic point which can give you a refreshing feeling. 

5. Pack Necessary Things For Baby Road Trip 

For having a fantastic road trip with your family, you must pack all the necessary things you need on your road trip. The question arises here that what is necessarily required on a baby road trip. So, some must-have items during your road trip with a newborn are:

  • Powdered formula milk ( advised by the doctor)
  • Bottles
  • Hand sanitizer according to baby age
  • Diapers 
  • Diaper cream 
  • A  bag for dirty diapers 
  • Baby wipes. 
  • Extra clothes for baby
  • Burping cloths and bibs
  • Extra clothes for yourself
  • Bibs and burping cloths
  • Baby carrier
  • The sunshade 
  • Toys for baby
  • Food for baby (if the baby eats solid food)

You should also pack some extra snacks for you because the baby road trip is a bit tiring, and snacks will give you more energy, and you will feel energized by having snacks in short time intervals. So all these things are the basic needs of the fantastic baby road trip. You should first make a list and then check the list twice if you have packed all the things.

6. Drive During The Sleep Time Of Baby

It will be helpful for you if you manage to drive during the baby’s sleep time. Because driving during the sleep time of babies will make your baby feel comfortable, as some babies enjoy sleeping in a moving car. And try to stop ad get out of the car at a beautiful place when your baby is awake.

7. Feeding Time Of Baby Must Be Followed

Babies usually have a fixed feeding time; you must know about the feeding time of babies and follow the feeding time of babies. When you understand that the baby is feeling hungry or it’s the baby’s feeding time, you must immediately feed the newborn. Because the baby starts crying due to hunger, it will make the baby irritated, and your whole road trip can be spoiled, and you and your baby will not be able to enjoy the road trip.


How frequently should you stop when driving with a baby?

You should stop every one to three hours when driving during the day and three to six hours during the night. These stops are essential during the road as you have to stop, change the baby’s diapers, do some stretching and take in some fresh air. 

What do I need to take on a road trip with a baby?

When you are on a road trip with the newborn baby, you must carefully pack things required for your baby during the road trip such as diapers, wipes, diaper cream, plastic bags, blanket, extra clothes for baby, milk for baby, bibs, and burp clothes and some extra snack for yourself because the road trip with baby make you run out of energy soon. 


If you want to go on a road trip with your baby but are confused about the experience of having the first baby road trip, you can get help from the above tips. The guidelines mentioned above can help you have a unique and comfortable road trip with your baby.

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