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3 Best Skiing Options For Beginners In Banff, Alberta

When it comes to choosing a mountain resort to learn skiing, Banff, Alberta should be a preferred choice. There are the best resorts and skiing options for beginners in Banff. While most people are unaware, it is actually designed by keeping the needs of beginners in mind. Banff ski resort terrain is green, which makes it an ideal place to train novice skiers. The stunning mountain landscapes, waterfalls, canyons, and caves make for an ideal place for people who’re new to this sport. Have a look at some of the resorts with the best maps for ski beginners. 

The resorts in this area have marked 20 percent of their terrain specifically for those new to skiing or snowboarding. If you are a mom who’s completely new to the sport, you should consult an instructor in a skiing school before heading straight for the slopes. They will suggest the best map for beginners. However, Alberta offers three popular ski areas offering the best skiing options for beginners in Banff. 

Skiing Options For Beginners In Banff, Alberta

3 Best Skiing Options For Beginners In Banff, Alberta

1. Lake Louise Ski Resort

This has to be one of the best stress-free vocations at ski resorts to travel to for beginners and families. On a 30-45 minute drive from Banff’s downtown area, this resort offers a larger beginner terrain than the other resorts nearby. Being a traveling mom myself, I know that it’s essential for the area to be family-friendly with lots of engagements for kids to be able to train in peace. No one can train while their little one constantly weeps for mommy’s attention. I have seen mothers keeping their kids with them as they learn and then getting frustrated with the neediness.

 This resort is packed with indoor spaces for kids who are new to snowboarding and is close to Daycare to keep them busy with their activities while the adults can learn away from the kids’ zone on the beginner hills without any intrusions. These hills have long and gradual slopes where you can take private or group lessons. There are two surface lifts, allowing you to choose a shorter or a longer run to practice your new skills. I remember practicing on these hills, and the experience was uplifting and rejuvenating to another level.

The Plus Point: The best part is to be able to enjoy your time free of the constant worry of children. While I knew they were safe inside, I relished the falls and slips thoroughly. 

Tip to remember: My husband hired a photographer to capture the unforgettable moments, and trust me, it was one of the best decisions he has taken to date. If you decide to learn skiing, don’t forget to capture these thrilling moments. You’ll laugh and enjoy these moments forever. 

2. Mount Norquay

This is another resort that you should go to when traveling with family. If you live in Banff, you’d probably want to consider going here as it is the closest to the town and is considered to be more laid back than the rest. However, it is also the smallest, with only 77 acres of terrain. 

The resort covers 4200 acres of area, and the beginner’s trail is spread all over, so as a newbie, you can ski over a considerable area rather than just a tiny portion.

 While your children can continue enjoying their own scoot and skiing spree, you can have your own conveniently. They also provide the services of Daycare, so toddlers can be handed over to the babysitters and free themselves from all the worries. For older kids and teens, individual ski lessons can be arranged while night skiing and tubing is an experience of their own.

The only downside this area has is for the advanced skiers with a short amount of time at hand as they would want a more vast terrain and snowplow around diverse mountains. However, Glacier Express Quad has been said to take you to a meandering green trail that would cater to your wants. 

The plus point: Mount Norquay is a wonderful place for sightseeing and snowshoeing simultaneously, and the minimal crowds are a benefit that lets your family spend some alone time, bond together, and create special memories. 

Tip to remember: If you are a first-time skier, you should start from the Sundance surface lift, and if your skiing skills are at an intermediate or expert level, you can take the Cascade chairlift towards longer slopes. 

3. Sunshine Village 

Sunshine provides a terrific view up the mountains and wonderful slopes to make use of the snow to the fullest. It is one of the best skiing options for beginners in Banff, especially for families with different levels of ski skills for every member.

 When my husband and I used to get done with our skiing sessions, we used to sit back and watch our children enjoying their hearts out on the field, and the contentment we felt was indescribable. If you are completely new to skiing, you’ll have to practice at the Mighty Might carpet lift, but as that is a bit far away, people use the next larger hill, but the downside is that it might be steep for newbies. 

Other than this, the Banff Avenue valley run is another easy slope that allows beginners to master their skills. Dell Valley and Rock Isle Road are also convenient hills, but you need to be careful with the signs or end up at a steeper descent. When it comes to traveling with kids, this is a resort that would give you innumerable memories to think back to forever. 

Tip to remember: The gondola lift is an excellent area for beginners to train as it has very easy and manageable slopes everywhere. However, do not take it at the end of the day.

 It does start easy but make sure to take the last exit to the gondola because you won’t like the narrow and steep slopes that come after that. I heard pretty bad incidents there, and I was meticulous not to get lured into my husband’s talks of going forward. So, if you have an adventurous husband like mine, put your foot down! 

Bottom line

When choosing the best skiing options for beginners in Banff, the above three resorts are perfect. If Norquay seems small, then go for Lake Louise, and you’re guaranteed to be impressed. Travelling with family to these resorts will be incredibly enjoyable, and exploring these terrains will definitely polish your beginner skills. 

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