Spring Break Travel Ideas Parents Must Know – With Incredible Destination Ideas

Spring is all about seeking relaxation from the time-pressed routine and hitting the beaches to get some fresh air and soak in the sun. I always look forward to a far-flung vacation that eases my mind, but considering having kids with me, preferences have changed from beach-bound college trips to a kids-oriented atmosphere.

Being a family person, I have looked for various places and ideas that can be categorized as spring break travel hacks for all moms. Why hacks? Because they can be pretty easy on your pocket. Yes, we are talking about budget spring break travel ideas parents must know. So, let’s begin!

Spring break vacation ideas for families

1. Take a road trip

When traveling with family, your car is the safest way to travel. It’s not just a way to save some cash but also to lower the risk of health. Driving might be a little hectic, but it would instantly split your vacation bill in half. We love to car our car, bring out the map and embark upon the journey, enjoying stellar sceneries on our way. We usually make a stopover for a night in a city if we are off on a longer route and experience its culture and uniqueness. It’s fun in its own way, helps us relax, and allows us to learn something new. Being an adventure freak, I dig into such stuff. 

2. Find deals

This one is a given. When planning a trip, try to plan it ahead of time to grab on the deals and discounts on the lodgings. There are several coupons listed on online traveling sites to promote tourism. Take advantage of that and use it to save some bucks from slipping from your wallet. Being a travel-happy mom, I tend to choose the cheapest room I can look for, which is comfortable enough to live in and within my affordability. 

I know lots of friends who look for an extraordinary room while traveling, which grabs a larger room in your budget, but I find that to be a good-for-nothing extravagance. A room with good enough amenities suffices all requirements. And anyway, one should spend a larger part of the day outside, so why should that matter so much.   

3. Cook at home

One of the best spring break travel ideas parents must know is cooking at home. We all know that food is an integral part of vacationing that can’t be left behind in the discussion, but it can also be a total budget-buster. Instead of eating outside for all three meals, you can prevent digging the hole in your pocket by compromising on the cravings and cooking at home.

No one wants to cook on vacation; I am aware of that and agree with that, but having your own little barbeque at home or exploring a new dish from the fresh local ingredients can be pretty amusing too. Been there; I know once you get started, you actually start liking it. I think this is one of the best spring break travel ideas parents must know. 

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Spring Break travel destinations to visit on a budget 

Now, let’s move on to the destinations where you can enjoy your spring break without having to leave the states. 

1. Daufuskie Island, South Carolina (Spring break ideas for teens)

Daufuskie Island is popularly known as an island with no bridges. Get a boat and travel to the watery location to enjoy a perfect family vacation. This unplugged gateway is a place where you can find your solace while being socially distanced. While you unwind on the beach, your children can play with the sand or surf right in front of you without worrying about the crowd. 

Most of us look for a vacation to turn away from the fast-paced life that we live repetitively every day. Well, South Carolina holds the ideal island that works at the total opposite pace. My family loved some of the activities here that I am sure would double the fun on the beach:

  • Ride horses
  • Play golf in the top residential golf courses
  • Shuck oysters off a roasting pit
  • Ride bikes
  • Visit local artists

2. Port St. Lucie, Florida (Warm family vacations in march)

Port St. is the best spring break escape that allows your family to forget all the worries. This resort provides all-inclusive offerings for your family to live some super amusing days and make a profusion of wonderful memories. My kids love to go here, and I feel it for all the right reasons. Here is everything that kept them busy throughout the day and had us pulling them into the room at night to get some sleep:

  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Kid clubs
  • Flying trapeze

The resort has plenty of space to roam about, and that’s what you will find your kids doing all day long. And while they are on their spree, you can enjoy the adult-only pool to have some peace of your own. 

3. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee (spring break travel ideas parents must know)

Families who want to enjoy socially distanced vacations won’t find a better place than the Smoky Mountains. They have a broad spectrum of activities that are bound to keep your kids busy and happy, and while they are not weeping for your attention, you are guaranteed to find bliss as well. Have a look at all the activities they are offering, and you will understand what I mean when I say “bliss”:

  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Horseback riding
  • Golfing

4. Coronado, California (spring break 2022 ideas college)

This is one of our favorite white-sand beaches to travel to. Viewing the beautiful sunsets, jet skiing across the coast, and spending quality time with family makes it one of the best spring break travel ideas that parents must know. 

  • Pools 
  • Kids clubs 
  • Visit the beach in a golf cart

The affordable prices at the beach resorts are a plus point that makes it one of the best places to visit. My husband and I always consider this place when we are short of money, and it has always turned out to be the best decision. 

6. Norfolk, Virginia (Incredible Spring Break Destinations for Families)

All spring breakers would love Norfolk for its low crowds and multitude of kids’ activities to enjoy the best coastal vacation. The breathtaking views and the fine dining options are the plus points that we enjoyed to the max. It’s not just about the winds and waves which make it attractive, but lots of other things such as:

  • Maritime science museum 
  • Sailing lessons
  • Films
  • Botanical garden
  • Virginia zoo 


 When traveling with kids, we all want to choose a location that works in favor of the kids as well as the parents. Knowing how important that is to keep the sanity of the moms alive, I have mentioned all the spring break travel ideas parents must know to keep their vacations fun and within budget. Happy traveling! 

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