flying with kids tips 2022

Survival tips for flying with kids 2022

Flying with kids could be a biggest nightmare for many of us. It’s not easy to make kids sit and behave properly especially when the flight is long. One cannot just plan an instant travel and visit a place with kids. There are many intricate things which parents need to consider before getting the kids on an airplane. Kids need a lot of attention. It’s very difficult to plan a trip. But don’t worry, we got some tips for you which will help you revise your preparation and to-do list before leaving.  Here are some survival tips for flying with kids

Get them on the devices or snacks

It’s okay to stretch your rules for the ease of flight. Home rules and regulations about snacks and screen time could be different.  So if being on the phone for straight six hours with a chocolate can keep your kid seated and peaceful, let it be. 

Try getting aa night flight

As it happens, the kid’s body works with the natural clock. Their sleeping patterns are mostly set according to the day and night schedule. So if you get them on a flight at night, they must be already tired. All you have to do is tie them on the seat and give them some sweets or bed time show which they like to watch before going to bed. For the majority of the time children will sleep.

Take a short stay in long flights

If you are traveling a long journey, there is no harm in taking breaks. Break up your trip and stay a few days at an enjoyable place. Book a hotel room and wander around at the famous places of the city. This could be an interesting adventure for a family holiday. It will help with the jet leg and time difference of the countries could be more bearable. 

Feed well the bunnies

Kids could be fussy eaters. They could be specific about the meals at times. You might not afford the wastage of food bought at standard prices. So if your child has some specific food habits, let the airplane staff know. Beware of the food allergies, if your child has any. Also, feeding them well before getting on flight might help. 

Come up with some interesting activities

Let them play safely. Mostly, at seated places kids love to role play. You can tell them stories and they can act out while remaining seated. They would love to play pilot, steward, teacher, an old man or something like that. This game can engage them for a significant amount of time. 

Bring your prom or stroller for tiny kids

Most airlines allow you to keep strollers as your immediate craft. You can get it as you land and put your kid in it for the smooth landing formalities. This will enable you to keep your kid safe and carry the luggage as well. In other cases you will have to put on the baby carrier or sling which can get you tired. Also, the baby will be more comfortable in the stroller and they can have a sleep while you are picking luggage etc. If your airline does not allow on board stroller hold, you can use the courtesy buggies of airports. Courtesy buggies are offered by many airports to be used within the limits of terminals.

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