5 Best Things To Do In Pensacola With Kids – Trip Ideas

If you are looking for a peaceful beach and a place where you can do fun things with your family, you must go to Pensacola. The Pensacola cola is famous for its beaches, and many visitors come here to enjoy the peaceful beaches here.

You can also plan a tour to Pensacola with your family as Pensacola offers a family-friendly environment. Many people ask about the fun things to do in Pensacola with kids, so here in this article, I’ve enlisted some fun things to do in Pensacola with kids. 

Fun Things To Do In Pensacola With Kids – All age-friendly activities

If you visit Pensacola with kids, you will find the following fun things to do with kids:

Enjoy A Day At The Beach

In Pensacola you can spend your day at the beach, spending a day at the beach will make you feel relaxed. You must use the lazy day’s beach service to have an umbrella and chairs on the beach. Having an umbrella here is compulsory because the sun is intense here, and you cannot spend your whole day at the beach without any shade.

There are also the options of beach biking, paddle boarding, and some other water activities. There are a lot of shops all over the beach, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to bring something with you, which you have to wear on the beach. Your kids can also enjoy playing with wet sand on the beach. So you can enjoy your day at the beach with your kids. 

Visit Laguna’s Adventure Park &Laguna’s Beach Bar And Grill

You can also go to Lagunas adventure park. This is the best place to visit with family, kids will surely like it. Laguna’s adventure park has several fun things to do with kids as you can spend your whole day here, but still, you will not run out of things to do here. 

You can also find delicious food in Lagunas beach bar and grill to refuel yourself and your kids. Laguna also offers open-air seating, and around the seating area, fun activities are going on. So you can enjoy the food by watching the activities happening around you. 

If you want to spend the whole day at Lagunas adventure park, it will be best for you to buy the unlimited day pass. Using this pass, you and your kids can enjoy the clip and climb structures, splash pad, and rope course for total time. You will find various activities which you and your kids can enjoy one after another.

Along with these activity areas, you can also find many places in the Lagunas adventure park to sit and relax, and you can see your kids enjoying different fun activities. 

Miniature Golf And Ice Cream With An Alien Flair

There is an enjoyable thing that Pensacola Beach is famous for its alien sightings. It does not mean that you cannot see the real aliens here, but they have arranged things to make you experience aliens’ culture at UFO’s Pensacola beach. The place that can share about alien culture is the miniature golf course and ice cream parlor.

You can enjoy mini-golf with your family at the miniature golf course. But there is a tip: if you go on the miniature golf course, you should choose the early daytime or in the evening because there is pretty hot weather in the middle of the day. 

The ice cream here is also trendy, so if you don’t want to play golf, then you can sit and enjoy the ice cream here. This ice cream spot offers many different flavors, such as the cookie butter ice cream is a unique flavor you can get here. So, the miniature golf course is totally a fun point for you and your family. 

Know About The History Of Pensacola

If you want to know about the history of Pensacola, then you should visit the historic Pensacola village. You can explore many things about the history of Pensacola here. This will cast light on the life in Pensacola in the past. It will be an excellent place to visit for those who want to add some educational component to the family vacation.    

You will surely get a lot of knowledge by visiting the historic Pensacola village and having fun with your family. 

Dolphin Cruise

The dolphin cruise is an inspiring place to visit with family. It is an enjoyable and affordable place too. The kids will surely enjoy watching the dolphins and other marine life. You also have the opportunity of boat riding. The foods and drinks are also available here. You will indeed feel relaxed by spending some time here with family. 


What Is There To Do In Pensacola For Families?

Pensacola is the best place for families to spend a vacation here. Because there are many things to do in Pensacola with family. Some of the fun things you can do in Pensacola with family are Visit Laguna’s Adventure Park &Laguna’s Beach Bar and Grill, visit Miniature Golf and Ice Cream with an Alien Flair, you can enjoy a day at the beach, and can find many more things to do with the family in Pensacola. 

Is Pensacola Good For Kids?

Pensacola is suitable for kids to visit, as there are beautiful beaches that give scenic views. The activities Pensacola offers attract kids and teenagers. So, you can have a perfect time in Pensacola with your kids.


Pensacola is a beautiful place known for its beautiful beaches. Pensacola is also very educative as you can learn about the history of Pensacola by exploring it and visiting the historic Pensacola village. It is the best place to spend vacations here with family.

If you plan the holiday in Pensacola with family, you think about what to do in Pensacola with kids. Above I’ve mentioned some fantastic fun things you can do with your family in Pensacola and have a quality time and memorable moment. 

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