Things to do in St. Louis with kids

family vacation in St. Louis

St. Louis is one of the most attractive destinations for family trips. And if you are also planning to spend a family vacation in St Louis but you are confused about what to do with kids in St. Louis, then your confusion is going to fly far from you because in this article you will find some great activities you can do with your family in St. Louis. 

Unique Things to Do in St. Louis with kids to have the best family vacation in St. Louis

St. Louis offers so many activities to do with kids, due to which it attracts the people to spend their family vacation here. You can visit several places and enjoy several activities in St. Louis as follows:

Gateway Arch National Park 

When you go with your family to St. louis, you must visit the Gateway Arch National Park. It is most of the attractive point that you can visit and have a fun time there. But if you plan to visit the Gateway Arch National Park, you have to buy tickets for it. You can buy the tickets for the tram at Gateway Arch National Park online. 

You can visit the top of the arch monument by taking the tram. Or you can also enjoy the view of the arch monument by taking a boat and looking at it from a different angle. So, it will be fun to visit the Gateway Arch National Park; you kids will surely enjoy this fantastic monument view.

Saint Louis Zoo

Saint Louis Park is also a beautiful place for visitors. And if you are on a family vacation in St. Louis, you must visit this St. Louis zoo. The visit to Saint Louis zoo is free, and this amazing thing is that you can visit one of the best zoos in the city for free. And there are many things to see and do activities in this park you can enjoy for free. But if you buy an adventure pass, you can enjoy unlimited train rides, sea lion shows, carousel rides, 4D theatre experience. So, there are many things to do with a kid in the St. Louis zoo. 

City Museum

The city museum is also the best place to visit when you go on a family vacation in St. Louis. There are tunnels, slides and bridges. This interior makes it a little challenging to control the young children. But the modern art collection, rooftop view and the circus show make it attractive and fun for the old children and teenagers, 

Saint Louis Science Center

The point of attraction for the visitors who are interested in science is the Saint Louis science center. Those who are on a family vacation in St. Louis must visit the science center. There are many things to see for kids and many things to do in this science center. This museum has giant dinosaur bones running in the big hamster wheel. 

There is also a science lab to solve the crime. There is a sky bridge that crosses over the highway. This science center has a discovery room for the young scientist, and there are video games and flight simulators for older ones. So, there are so many activities to do for different ages groups. And the best thing is this science center is also free to visit. 

The Magic House

Magic house is also a place you must take your kids to visit. It offers many indoor and outdoor exhibits. The most popular exhibit for children is children’s village. In the children’s village, there is a town like a setup. So, the kids can work there at the library, fishing spot, pizza parlor, post office, veterinarian, and some other businesses. 

The magic house is one of the best places you can visit with your family. But to visit the magic house, you must have plenty of time because once you enter the magic house, you have a lot of things to see and a lot of things to do here. And also, your children must want to spend a lot of time here. 

Grant’s Farm

One of the famous travel destinations for families also includes Grant’s farm. This farm gets its popular since 1954. This farm occupies 281 acres. The grant farm contains many animals, and it is the best place where you can interact with the animals. You can see the baby animals and also the vast animals on this farm.  So, this farm is the best option for animal lovers to visit. 

As this farm is located in a large area, it is impossible to visit this vast farm by walking so, there are trams available that can make you visit the whole farm.  The general visit to this farm is free, but you have to pay for some activities such as parking and some onsite activities. 


St. Louis is one of the most attractive places to visit for families. Spending a family vacation in St. Louis is always a fun time, but it is always challenging to determine which places should be visited on priority, so in this article, I’ve mentioned some popular places that you can visit and spend a memorable vacation in St. Louis. 

These are the places you must visit if you go to st louis to spend your vacation, and if you miss visiting these places, your tour will be considered incomplete. Hopefully, this article would be helpful to select where to take your kid to provide them fun and knowledge both at once. 

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