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Do you know what are entertaining things to do in Waco, Texas? Nowadays, Waco is the point of attention for tourists, as it has many places to explore. If you have planned to visit Waco but are confused about the places in Waco. Here on this page, you will best options for places to visit and fun things to do in Waco to make your tour more memorable. Waco has many places to visit, and the most important thing is that it offers sites according to people’s interests.

People who love to know about history can visit the museum, those people who are interested in life history and paleontology can visit the mammoth national museum, and there are many places worth seeing in Waco.

Exciting Thing To Do In Waco, Texas To Make Your Trip Amazing 

Waco is entirely a fascinating tourist place. You can have a good tour in Waco by exploring the beauty of Waco. This is a fantastic place to visit. And if you are going to see Waco for the first time and don’t know which areas should be seen to explore Waco more deeply, in this article, you will learn about the places to visit in Waco and fun things to do in Waco. So, the best places you can see in Waco are:

Waco Mammoth National Monument

The Waco mammoth national monument is one of the most attractive places for visitors. This monument was established in 2015. those people interested in paleontology and the history of animals must visit this place. In this monument, paleontologists excavated the fossils of numerous mammoths. This is the best place to visit for history lovers.

This attracts the tourists because this monument has displayed 24 Columbian mammoth fossils and the ice age mammals around the exhibit. Now the point is what you can do in the mammoth monument? You can walk around the dig center on the pavilion and see the fossils excavated from the earth. Watching this view makes you amazed that life existed thousands of years ago. 

Waco Suspension Bridge

The Waco suspension bridge is another attraction point of Waco built-in 1870. this bridge is a single-span pedestrian suspension bridge. This bridge gives an eye-catching scenic view and makes you feel fresh because of the parks and Brazos river. You can spend a refreshing day at this place by enjoying the beautiful scenery of parks and bridges.

Armstrong Browning Library

The hidden gem of Waco is the Armstrong Browning Library. This is one of the best places to visit in Waco. Specifically, it is the best place for the history lover. In this browning library, you will learn about the lives, work, and legacy of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning; these two were famous English writers. You can find the collection of work browning here. These historical pieces of evidence explain the talent of these two writers and their relationship with other people who were close to them. 

The Armstrong Browning library annually prepares an exhibit with artwork, rare books, and stained-glass collection dating back to the 1800s. This library is not only attractive due to the book’s knowledge or history, but the building of this library is also very excellent. The design of the building is according to the Italian renaissance style, and it also has beautiful shows and regal gold accents.  You can enter the library for free, and there is also a garden to relax. If you visit Waco, then you should visit this library.

Mayborn Museum Complex

The Mayborn Museum Complex is another point of attention for tourists. This museum was opened in 2004, and it is a 142,000 square-foot area and is dedicated to the natural science and history museum. You should visit this museum if you always try to increase your knowledge because the exhibits help you know more about so many things like space exhibits, fossils, and paintings. Besides these exhibits, you can also visit Governor Bill and Vara Historical Village.

Baylor University

Many people visit Waco to visit the Baylor university located along the Brazos River. This university was established in 1845, and it is a private institute. A question arises in mind: Is the university open for tourists to visit? The answer is that some of the university areas, such as the Armstrong Browning Library, McLane Stadium, and Mayborn Museum Complex, are open for the public and tourists to visit. If you like water activities, you can see the Baylor Marina and enjoy paddleboarding in the Brazos River.

McLane Stadium

The McLane Stadium is also known as the attraction point for visitors. This stadium is owned by Baylor University. This was opened in 2014 and had about 140 seats in it. The sports lover will enjoy visiting it as it is worth seeing for them. You will also be taken to the Bruiser Locker room, press box, Suites, and onto the field by doing the stadium tour. You can enjoy visiting this stadium on the weekend and when you visit the stadium don’t forget to get the green-gold merchandise in the stadium shop.


Nowadays Waco is becoming a point of attraction for tourists. And if your area is also planning a trip to visit Waco but doesn’t know which places you should stay on priority and doesn’t know about things to do in Waco. Above this article, I’ve mentioned some worth seeing places in Waco; your trip will become more knowledgeable and enjoyable by visiting those places. 

There are places to visit for the different people having different interests as for history lovers there are museums for books lovers there is the library, for fun lovers there are a water park and those people who love sports can visit the stadium. So, now no need to worry about things to do in Waco and start packing to leave for Waco.

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