Things To Do With Kids In Miami

9 Best Things To Do With Kids In Miami This Weekend

Those planning a family trip to Miami and looking for some best places to visit, and things to do with kids in Miami, will find the answer here. Miami is the best place to stay with family, as its culture, weather, and food are appealing to visitors. If you visit Miami with your family, it will be an exciting and fun trip, and you will collect a lot of precious memory with the family.

Exciting Things To Do With Kids In Miami 

When you make a list of places to visit in Miami, you will find a lot of attraction points such as beaches, parks, and museums. By visiting those places, you will enjoy watching it and get a lot of information about different things. You will find a lot of things to do with kids in Miami as follows:

1. Visit Zoo Miami 

Kids usually like to visit the zoo because they want to know about nature and animals. And if your kids also like to see animals and learn about them, you can take your kids to the zoo in Miami. You will find various species of animals in this zoo, including gorillas, hippos, elephants, rhinos, crocs, vipers, and many more. 

The water lovers can also enjoy their day at this zoo, along with the animal lover kids. As there is an opportunity for water activities in the splash zone. And the most important thing is the food when you are traveling with your family, and the best thing about this zoo is that it offers restaurants, cafes, and vending machines where you can go and enjoy tasty food and snacks.

2. Enjoy At Venetian Pool

The Venetian pool is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world. Many people from all around the world move to this place to spend their summer vacation here. This pool gives a fantastic view as it has a beautiful setting with waterfalls, tropical foliage, and Italian architectural art. You kids can enjoy several hours of entertainment in the water as the pool is shallow for kids. 

3. Visit Phillip And Patricia Frost Museum Of Science

Phillip and Patricia frost museum of science are worth visiting for people of all ages. It is a high-tech museum that can give you a lot of information and learn many new things. There is an aquarium in this museum that has a variety of sea life, and your kids will learn many things about sea life by visiting the aquarium. Kids can understand science in a different exciting way in this museum. 

Along with the kids, it is also very informative for parents. And when the kids are learning new things in the planetarium, the parents can relax in a very comfortable setting. 

4. Explore Zoological Wildlife Foundation

In this zoological wildlife foundation, animals rescued from zoos or donated animals are kept. Here you can see the adorable camel, monkeys, and many other adorable animals. You can feed the animals here and click the photos with these animals.

The unique thing here is the kids can interact with primate-like monkeys and other wildlife, but it charges expensive. If you visit this zoological wildlife foundation, you will be led by a guide and skilled staff that will allow you and your kids to explore more deeply.

5. Spend Time At Miami Theater Center

A Miami theater center has a kid-friendly environment; you kids can enjoy the children-friendly drama camp, performances, and other activities here. The content provided here will be entertaining for kids of all ages. 

6. Visit Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

This beautiful state park is present in the southern area of Key Biscayne. The beach of this park is one of the most beautiful beaches globally. You will find various fun things with kids here as you can enjoy tasty food in the lighthouse café here. Your kids will surely enjoy climbing the Cape Florida lighthouse.

This is the best spot if you want to spend some time doing outdoor activities such as kayaking and cycling. And when the kids are enjoying their fun time, the elder can relax in a peaceful environment. 

7. Visit Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls is a free outdoor museum known for its art. It will be the best place to explore for art lovers. There is too much green space where your kids run and spend some fun time. Another thing that makes it best for spending time is the restaurants around it. Several restaurants around Wynwood walls make it easy for you to go and enjoy snacks with your family.

8. Enjoy Visiting Oleta River State Park

The Oleta river state park offers water activities as well as land-based activities. You can enjoy kayaking through mangroves, and you also enjoy camping here. If your kids are beginners at learning to ride, the bicycle trail here is a safe way to learn passage. This spot offers a lot of activities for you and your kids.

9. Have A Fun Time At Miami Seaquarium

Miami seaquarium is a trendy spot that attracts many tourists from all around the world. You can see the marine life here in this seaquarium. The kids will surely enjoy the dolphin show and the sea lion show in which they show their extraordinary athletic abilities. You will find a comfortable environment where you can go with your baby when traveling with cool shade areas, free parking, and a beach on hot summer days.


Miami has always been a beautiful place for visitors and gives you an opportunity to visit cheaply across the country. If you are also planning a family trip to Miami with your family, you must be worried about the places to visit and the thing to do with kids in Miami. You must make a list of places to stay with kids while traveling with kids, as you don’t want to make your kids feel bored while on a family trip.

In this article, I’ve mentioned some best things you can do with your kids in Miami to make your vacation more exciting and memorable. Hopefully, this will help you, and you will collect some precious moments by doing fun activities with your kids in Miami.

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