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Tips For stress free vacation with kids

Having stress free vacation is an art for parents. And not all parents are artists. Don’t worry we have tips for stress free vacation with kids which makes you get through this honorably. You can be the best mom and dad in the world by just keeping in view a few important tips we have for you here.

Pack light

Many parents pack a lot of stuff when it comes to traveling with kids. They try to have everything at their kid’s disposal.  Over packing can cause stress instead of ease. Heavy luggage is difficult to handle and also makes it harder for essential stuff to be found. 

  • Try to find virtual and online alternatives for some physical stuff such as noise machines and baby monitors.
  • Prepare a bag of essential stuff. It can contain an extra pair of trousers, shirt, medicines, snacks and headphones etc. 
  • Pack necessary clothes. Taking too many clothes is not a wise choice. Pack versatile clothes which could be used in different situations.
  • Rent stuff if you can. Get traveling things on rent which are of no use in daily life. You can get strollers and baby seats etc. on rent. 

Bring along waiting blue cures 

At the airport and bus stop you might have to wait. Kids are generally not thrilled by waiting. Waiting can drain energy and it’s not healthy as vacations are meant to cheer them up.  Bring some handy games, story books and snacks to keep your kids engaged while waiting. Don’t forget the favorite toy or story book with you. 

Don’t forget to properly plan before leaving 

During the vacation season you might find difficulty reserving places. It is not at all fun to get your family’s hopes high and then go there just to find that the place is closed. So it’s a wise decision to plan beforehand.

Booking the places beforehand will save your time and you get the most out of your time.  Nowadays almost every trip can be reserved online. You can hire a private tour guide or plan for yourself by simple google search. 

Make sure to call even if the place says it does not require reservation. They might give you information related to their upcoming closing plans or other related stuff which can save energy and time. 

If you are unable to make it on the day you reserved, request a refund. The sooner you tell them the more chances of having a safe refund.

Start fed and Rested.

Kids’ metabolism is very fast. They can get hungry every now and then. Same goes for their sleep. Young bodies are more prone to work along the natural clock hours. So get them maximum night sleep before leaving and feed them well. Try finishing the packing the day before you leave. Running around the house to pick the stuff at the last moment and trying to pack wisely are less likely to coexist. Also it will drain your energy and you won’t be able to enjoy the perks of traveling.

If you want to enjoy some elitism, go to Las Vegas. The city is famous for its spectacular buildings, luxury hotels and fine dining.  Many buildings are built around definitive themes. 2.5-mile-long Las Vegas Boulevard gives the city a unique aura of aestheticism. Walking along this Strip at night and immersing yourself in the night. Las Vegas also has Fremont Street which is pedestrian-only space. The LED lights illuminate the sky and present a very spectacular show. Another great activity for visitors is helicopter rides over the city which provide an opportunity of seeing the beautiful bird view of the city. The best hotel to stay in Las Vegas is The Venetian Hotel. It is located along the strip and offers a number of joyful activities and services for tourists.

Cayman Islands

Filled with beautiful and soft white sand, clear water and unique natural beauty Cayman can offer you a great leisure time. You could find many kids friendly activities. One of the specialties of Cayman Island is its stingray swimming. It’s not very common at other places but Cayman offers it. Also if you don’t have a lot of money to afford renting luxury hotels, Cayman also offers cheap hotels at very affordable prices and in reasonable range. 


Oklahoma City was expanded during the 2016’s Olympic training site and created a desirable water adventure for families. Beside its fantastic zoo and history museum, this place has a lot of things which can actively engage families.

Oklahoma is a unique amalgamation of modernity and historical tradition. Places such as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and the Oklahoma History Center are must-to visit. You and your kids can find a lot of interesting information over there. Most interestingly, you can catch the biggest Native American festival, named as Red Earth, if you happen to visit during mid-June. 


If you want to enjoy the most adventurous trip, then go to Utah. You will be amazed by the scenic beauty and wish to capture every now and then. Huge sandstone cliffs of different colors, facing the clean blue sky will leave you mesmerized. 

If you want to hike you can go to Zion National Park. Zion Canyon has a thousand feet of wall and is a must-to do hike of the park. The hike starts from the river Virginia. You will have to get your feet in water before starting the hike. It’s the most serene and spiritual gesture.

Consider hiring a hike guide if hiking The Narrows is your first time experience.  Bring all the necessary things. If you have a fantasy of spending a night in the woods, Glamping Zion National Park could be the best choice.  Your kids will also enjoy camping.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the fifth-largest city of the United States. You and your kids can find plenty of things to enjoy in this city. 

As the name suggests, it is one of the hottest areas of the U.S yet a best place for outdoor activities. 

Situated in the sun-scorched Sonoran Desert in a large metropolitan area known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix’s warm weather and splendid scenery is the perfect setting for a host of outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing. 

In between your outdoorsy escapades, there is plenty to explore in the city’s thriving art and culinary scene to guarantee that you get no downtime. Looking for fun things to do around Phoenix AZ? Read on below.

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