What Is A Disney Magicband?


Visiting Disney world is the best ever holiday time in your life. If you saw Disney world a few years ago, you might not know about the Disney magic band because the Disney has introduced this magicband in 2013 and upgraded these magic bands in 2017. These magic bands multiply the enjoyment and fun in the Disney world. Indeed, now you are curious about the magic band, a question must be raised: What is a Disney magic band? So, in this article, you will learn about the Disney magicband and how it can be used.

What Is A Disney Magicband, And How It Works? 

The Disney magic band is a unique use of technology by Disney. It helps the visitor to properly enjoy Disney world. The question is, what is a Disney magic band? The Disney magicband is an adjustable wristband with a small radio frequency chip. This band is called a magicband because it can open the doors of fun and adventure of the Disney world for you.

Now the question is, how this magic band works? The Disney magic band can communicate with the computer of the Disney world. As I’ve mentioned above, the magic band contains the radio frequency chip, which emits the radiations that can be detected by the computers of the Disney world. 

Where Can You Use The Disney Magicband?

The curiosity increased, and another question was raised: Where can this magic band be used? Believe me, the magic band can really world magic in the Disney world as it can help you at many places and makes your holidays in Disney world exciting and more enjoyable. You can use the Disney magic band in the Disney world at the following sites:

  • you can use the Disney magic band to unlock your resort hotel room.
  • By using the Disney magic band, you can access your fast pass and reservations.
  • By using the magicband, you can enter the theme park.
  • You can also redeem Disney dining plan credits by using these magic bands.
  • If you have the Disney magicband, you can use Disney’s magical express for airport transfer.
  • You can also use it to save your memories in Disney world in the form of photos in your Disney account.
  • The Disney magic band can also work magic by opening some surprises in the Disney world special for you.

So, these magic bands have made the vacation in Disney world easy, as there is no need to take care of the room’s keys. Because it becomes tough to take care of these things, specifically if you have young kids with you, there are chances that you lost the room key that can cause a problem for you. But these magic bands have given you relief from these tensions. 

Which Disney Parks Offer MagicBands?

The magic bands are not still offered by all the Disney lands. The Walt Disney World Florida is offering the Disney magic band. And in this Disney world, the magicband works in the whole resort, including Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, water parks such as Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach, and Disney springs. Along with these places, the magicbands also works in Disney restaurants, hotels and shops. 

Recently the Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii also introduced the magicbands, but the use of magicband in it is still limited. And you can also see a kind of band on the Disney Cruise Line, but those a not the Disney Magicbands. The bands on the Disney Cruise Line are used for kids to enter the kid club. And the scanning technology in the band is for the tracking of kids to know where your kids are. So, the bands on the Disney Cruise Line are for the tracking purpose of kids and make them secure.

How Can You Get The Disney Magicband? 

If you are going to spend the vacation in the Walt Disney World, Florida, it will be best to get the Disney magicband because it increases your fun time in the Disney world. Now the question arises that how can you get the Disney magicband? You can quickly get the Disney magicband from the Disney World website, or you can also get it after you arrive the Disney world. 

Is Disney Magicband Free?

In 2020 the Disney magicband were provided to every visitor without any additional charges. But from the start of 2021, the Disney magicbands are not offered to everyone; you can buy them from the website or from the Disney shop in the Walt Disney World if you want to enjoy the benefits of the magicband. 


Is It Necessary To Have a Disney Magicband In The Disney World?

No, it is not necessary to have the magicband in the Disney world because the magicband is to make your vacation more fun and easier. If you don’t buy the magicband, you can still enjoy your holiday and have a fun time in the Disney world with your family.

What should I Do With The MagicBands After Disney?

Firstly, many people like to collect these kinds of things, but if you don’t want to keep them with you, then you can simply take them with you when you next visit Disney world and give it to the front desk at your Disney resort, they will recycle the band for you.


Technology is developing higher and higher day by day. And Disney is using te4chnology to make your holidays in the Disney world more exciting. So, the Disney world has introduced the Disney magicbands. Many people ask a question that what is a Disney magicband? The Disney magicband is an adjustable wristband that can open the door of exciting places for you in the Disney world. Above in this article, I’ve mentioned how you can get the magic ban and use it. Hopefully, this helped you understand what a Disney magicband is and how it works? 

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